Mall of America Locked Down After Shooting


Breaking news developing right now in the mall of America is on lockdown due to a shooting. Now, I know some people would like to imagine that this is another active shooter situation with rifles so they can ban guns, but it seems like it's an isolated situation to be confirmed as an isolated situation according to the mall. There's a short video that they posted on Twitter that shows a man walking into the Nike store while shouting and a sound of three apparent gunshots can be heard. Danny, I don't know how this is probably not the person here. Danny raining 22 Minneapolis student was at the mall with friends when announcer came out. Okay, so I don't think that that was him. This probably was a witness. This person said that about 75 people were at the small room, they did not hear any gunshots fired, but saw people running away, the mall marked the 30th anniversary of his opening on August the 11th. And was placed on lockdown New Year's Eve last year when two people were shot during a fight. One man suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and another was grazed. So right now it's developing, but it appears to be a isolated situation.

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