80-Year-Old Norco Store Owner Shoots off Armed Robber


There is a story up on dot com from Norco, California. This is your feel good story of the day. So a bad guy armed with an AR-15 tried to rob an 80 year old man in the store that he owned the Norco market. What the bad guy didn't realize at the time is that the owner was watching a security camp video and he saw the car pull up, there were four people in this car and he saw one of the bad guys getting out and putting on a ski mask and the owner of the store knew what was about to happen, so when the band guy came in and said, put your hands in the air, the owner of the store took out his shotgun and literally blew the bad guys arm off and the whole thing was captured on surveillance video. You gotta listen to this. I wanna hear it again. I love that. Now, now, so by the way, the riverside county sheriff's department, they say that the clerk or the owner of the store did the right thing, he was a legally. He was a legal gun owner. He was allowed by law to own that gun and he defended himself. He did nothing wrong. I will say this, that the owner suffered a heart attack after all of this, but he's okay, he's going to make a full recovery. The bad guys and critical condition at the local hospital and they've arrested others. What I

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