How Democrats Have Historically Talked About Abortion


When Sonny says that the left was more radical right She said they moved more to the center now folks And liberals you have a hard time with this I know conservatives are getting it but the libs listing are like I don't get it man Of course you know So this is leftist decades ago Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and others Here is their position on abortion when sunny is saying they were more left because they're actually more centered now Here check this out Reduce the number of abortions in this country I want to reduce them and I think they should be rare No funds could go to an organization that in the course of family planning advocate promote or perform abortions I agree with him With respect to partial birth abortion I am completely supported of a ban on late term abortions partial birth or otherwise We can support a woman's right to choose that makes abortion safe legal and rare Okay Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton and other prominent Democrats arguing back in the day that abortion should be safe legal and rare Now the rare part again just by the common usage of the language you would assume if you were a smart person right You would assume that they meant rare because abortion is the end of a human life and they wanted to appear up here because they're not but they wanted to appear to be sensitive to that fact and probably still wanted to get some votes from the faith based audience out there in the United States for their political content right So now that was M decades ago they're claiming now people like sunny hostin and others like they've moved more to the center on the issue They have so they moved to making it safer legal And rarer Well to make it safe legal and even rarer you probably wouldn't want to be arguing if you wanted to make it rare for abortions up until the baby is actually born and exits the birth

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