Prof. Nicholas Giordano on the Patriot Act and Your Loss of Freedom


As promised, Nick jordano, professor Nicholas jordano is my guest. He's a Professor of political science at Suffolk community college, a native New Yorker. I love it. I'm also a native New Yorker. But I had a sojourn in Connecticut where I lost the accent. So I apologize. You're a Professor of political science who has been talking about a lot of the stuff that I talk about on this program, which is to say the growth of government bureaucracy and the growth of government at the expense of freedom. So how did you, how did you get to that place? Were you raised in such a way that this was on your radar? Did this come to you as you did your studies? Well, I'm a student of history and the founding fathers made it clear that we want to limited government. We want a small government because governments continually grow expand abuse their power. And so we have to hold government accountable. And then what I saw with the Patriot Act, beginning to unfold, that's what concerned me because I was in Homeland Security. When you say the Patriot Act, talk about what year was the Patriot Act. Shortly after 9 11. So normally it takes about two years to get pieces of legislation through most pieces of legislation never see the light of day. But the Patriot Act passed within two weeks. And it was an encompassing bill that really changed the dynamics of the national security framework of the United States. And people said, well, if you don't support it, then you must be doing something wrong. And many conservatives. You're with that. You're with the terrorists. Correct.

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