As Fox News Goes, so Does the Republican Party


It's very clear to me that the Republican Party is going through a an evolutionary evolutionary process, a metamorphosis that they are shifting on the culture issues of the day. Are you beginning to see this? And I'm going to give you a clue. The clue is Fox News channel as Fox News goes so goes the Republican Party. Now Fox News channel over the past 5 or 6 years made a radical shift to embrace the LGBT movement. And to elevate the LGBT movement. And so if you want a job at let's just say you go to a Christian school and you want to be a journalist and you apply for a job at Fox. You are probably not going to get that job. And the reason is very simple, because they have partnerships with the national association of gay and lesbian journalists. They have associations with other far left journalism organizations, and so those organizations are funneling their people who are not journalists. They're activists into the newsrooms and the TV shows of Fox News channel. And that's why you see it. Fox News and just I want you to step back and think about this. Only one cable news channel has a paid transgender activist on their staff. It is not MSD and C it is not CNN. Crying Negro network. Thank you judge Joe Brown. It is not newsmax. It is not what America news. It's Fox News channel. And they celebrate that. They celebrate their diversity.

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