Dinesh and Wife Deborah Discuss the Hypocrisy of Biden's Voting Policies


I'm here with my better half, the boss. The producer. We're getting to talk about, well, more on Biden and what the Democrats are really up to. Did you say more on Biden or moron by me? No, that's actually. I am a punster without even knowing it. I heard moron. What do you think about this speech that he gives where he's we have to fight the Jim Crow of the 21st century the Democrats up to the usual tricks? Yes, they are. They definitely are. And it is, and it is really, it's amazing to me how they use a tactic in one aspect. And not another, because, you know, we were just talking about that this morning, how he feels like asking for an idea is just horrific, not to mention it's not biblical. If you don't, if you're in line and you don't get water or bread, however, however, that same logic doesn't apply to going to a restaurant and the restaurant asking for a vaccination card, does it? How horrific that they're not going to feed you? Well, you know. I'm Christian like. Muriel Bowser, the mayor of D.C., just said, listen, everybody in D.C., you need to have vaccine card, and you need a valid photo ID. There you go. That's racist. Yeah. They say it's racist to do one thing. It's racist to do another

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