AZ Senate Candidate Jim Lamon Describes What He Looks for in a Judge


What will you be looking for in judges? It's a very important part of a U.S. senator, which is approving or rejecting judge nominees from a president. Very simple. U.S. Constitution is what this country is built on. Amen. If you don't like it, there's great places for you to go. I've offered and in fact one lady took me up on it. We're working with her right now for that one way ticket to Caracas. Oh, she is? She has to live there at least 5 years and never ask for a dime. And that is redone nor voted. I would love to send a camera crew with her. When there's no running water and foods infected and you lose 12 pounds in the first month. Oh, it's like a great weight loss strategy though. Those are opportunities. If you want to go there and be that. But in our judges, you know, we've got a constitution. It's very clear to me it was written with a lot of great insight with a lot of people who love this country. And a good lord that helped them through the writing of that is just a beautiful document. That's number one in the core principle. It's not to invent laws. That's not their job. We have a judicial legislative executive branch. And that's what they were set up for. Also, with the legislative side, you need to get back to doing your job. Don't let the executive group run wild with endless wars. Oh, I totally agree. Don't let them put the State Department in charge of an operation in Afghanistan when the military should be the last out. And that was a disgrace what happened? The faces of those 13, 13. Every day we come to work. Guys, this is why it's so important. Yes. This kind of thing must stop now.

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