Mike Gallagher: Justice Breyer Didn't Have the Guts of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


And honestly, the bridge collapse near the site of his infrastructure speech is just about on point with his promise to appoint a nominate rather a black woman on the Supreme Court. I mean, let me tell you something. This has gone from bad to worse for them. And even what ought to be a victory for them is no victory. When a president gets to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, that's a victory, right ostensibly, he can't change the direction, ideologically of the court. It's a liberal for a liberal. There's no victory here. Stephen breyer got hounded out by the left because the progressives and the machine mounted an unprecedented campaign to force him out, listen, everybody, given all their plaudits to him and all that too bad you didn't have the guts of RBG. Justice breyer, too bad you didn't have the tenacity to stay the course. I don't want to deny somebody the right to retire. He's out because he knows after we sweep the midterms and Republicans take control of the Senate. McConnell has already said, we will not confirm in the Senate, a Biden selection for Supreme Court until after the 2024 presidential election. Breyer had to go. The left broke him.

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