Rep. Andy Biggs: If Dr. Fauci Is Profitting From the Origins of COVID, He Should Be Prosecuted


Fox News had some reporting Bret baier on this the growing momentum behind the lab league hypothesis for coronavirus They've Fox News got some got a hold in Brett bear show specifically of some documents showing how Fauci and the cabal seemed to be really eager to make this lab leak thing go away Now congressman is a serious disease You know that I mean it's killed a lot of people It's causes the world wide economic crisis supply chain crisis we don't have to mean we all live through it We obviously this is one of the biggest scandals of our time Is it not if government paid taxpayer dollar paid people like Francis Collins and foushee tried to make the origin story this coronavirus thing go away And if you guys take back control of Congress in 2022 can we expect people to look into that These new chairman on the Republican side Yeah I'll tell you two years ago I said that when this is all done historically looking back the evil villains will be the medical bureaucracy the federal Democrat like Collins and like Fauci Well I'm calling upon Kevin McCarthy the minority leader today to organize task force to try to preserve evidence and prepare so that on day one we convert those task forces to investigative committees and go after the origins of COVID and let's find out what Fauci knew how we profited It looks like he's looks like he's in the pocket and he's profiting from his personally Let's find out if that's accurate and true If that's the case then he needs to be prosecuted I mean that's the bottom line

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