A Response to 'Are You Retired, or Do You Work?'


I want to be one of those seniors who's had a relatively easy time. Now, that doesn't always happen. As I found out with my hernia surgery and my hip replacement and my COVID and I guess COVID is an age related. Yesterday I was kind of curious about this condo building that's being built in St. Petersburg. And it's being spearheaded by John catsimatidis in New York, who's the really amazing businessman. He owns the supermarket chain. And he bought WABC radio. Prior to buying WABC radio, he worked a lot with the station we're on in New York. I am 9 70. The answer. I went over to check out their building this the biggest building on the West Coast of Florida. It's going to be like, I think 60 stories tall. And I was just kind of curious. I've never, I would never buy a condo sight unseen. I mean, they do this slick sales pitch where they beautiful artist renderings and everything and the model. I'm thinking, you know, the guy and the guy was good. And he asked me not knowing what I do for a living. Are you retired? Or do you work? I almost broke out in tears. I almost started crying. I was like, who the heck are you? What do you mean am I retired? Do I look like I'm retired, kid? Is about this 30 something year old guy? Are you retired or do you work, mister Gallagher? No, I work, pal. And I'll be working long after you're gone. 'cause I get cats and Matias to fire your butt because you're asking people they're old.

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