Gabriel Boric, a Former Student Activist, Is Elected Chile’s Youngest President


We were talking about the election in Chile because I think it's something that maybe signals a larger trend in South America. So the leftist is young guy in his 30s kind of student protest leader is elected pretty decisively by the people of Chile people who have benefited for over a generation of free market policies. So why would people who have had it good one of the most successful economies in South America want to move into leftist direction that they must know jeopardizes the goose that kills the goose that made the golden eggs? Yeah, yeah. Well, as you know, I don't think it's an isolated incident really in South America or North America to be honest. Why would anybody vote for a Democrat, right? Same thing. People are fooled by these people. This young guy, of course, as you know, in Chile, a lot of Venezuelans and Colombians and everybody has been immigrating their illegally. And so he's been kind of having open arms. Policy towards them. Oh, come on over. It doesn't matter if you're illegal who cares, you know, this guy that's running against me hates hates illegals and he's going to stop you. He's going to close the border. So this has kind of that, oh, this is the nice guy image, right? And really truly the people coming from Venezuela are running away from the exact same policies that this guy advocates

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