What Happened When Morgan Zegers, Founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, Met Her Communist College Roommate?


I had never heard the words bigot or xenophobe or misogynist before until my first day of college where we had diversity and equity training. Have you guys heard of that? And that was I think 5 years ago at this point. It was years and years ago, and it was just coming on the scene, and look how fast everything's changed in America, where now people are saying that they can just make up any gender or any pronoun that they want. But that's where I first learned these words of diversity training and everything that the left is now using to divide us with their cultural Marxism tactics. And of course, one of the worst stories was when they advocated for a segregated cafe on my campus. Now I tell you all this so that you understand college is a weird experience for most average Americans these days. But what really set me off and what started my journey into what I do now, I run the nonprofit young Americans against socialism. It was the moment I walked into a house off campus that I was moving into my last year. It turns out my roommate had a poster that just kept catching my attention as I'm trying to talk with her trying to get introduced to her. I'm trying to respect her with eye contact, but I keep looking to the oversight of the wall and I'm wondering, why is this drawing my attention and then I realized? It's because I recognize the men on a poster on her wall. It was Mao Zedong, Lennon, Stalin, Karl Marx and Fidel Castro, the poster said, welcome to the party. And these mass murderers and dictators that were on my roommate's wall had these party hats on, and they had these fruity little cocktail umbrella drinks. And I looked at her and I had no idea what to say. No idea what to say. And so I just looked at her and I said, what's that? What is that? And she looked at me with the biggest smile on her face, and she said, oh, I'm a communist. And from then on, you guys, you would think that little mess upstate New York daughter of a colonel served on operation Iraqi freedom served at 9 11. You'd think I would know what to say when I met a communist, right? I'm a big history nerd thanks to my parents, but no. I had absolutely no idea what to say to a communist with mass murderers and dictators on her wall that was giving me the same talking points that we hear all the time throughout the 20th century and from the leftists of America today that her version of communism if done right this time because it's never been done right before, would bring equity for all it would end poverty. It would support the working class and bring dignity to them, all the usual talking points. I had no idea what to say to somebody who was able to push that kind of rhetoric onto me. And it was such a disappointing

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