Left Overreacts to Fox News Host Jesse Watters' 'Ambush' and 'Kill Shot' Comments


Viral right now, one of our speakers, my very good friend Jesse watters, so I think very highly of Jesse spoke yesterday. I didn't get a chance to see his speech, but everyone said, man, Jesse was on his game. And Jesse has spoke probably 5 to 6 times at turning point USA throughout the years, would you say? Yeah. And he kind of usually does the similar stick. And there's nothing wrong with it, right? It's kind of like I was a guy for Bill O'Reilly, you know, this is water, this is my world. You know, you guys should do the same thing. But it seemed like Jesse was really getting into the crowd, right? He saw he saw a different type of stage, different type of theatrics. And I haven't seen the whole speech yet, but you could tell based on what he was telling the audience to do. He probably had a similar stick. And then he kind of incorporated this new thing. Absolutely. So what Jesse is always telling the audience to do is you guys can do this too. You can so adjust used to do for Bill over how they used to show up at these people's houses, judges or prosecutors or Mike and somebody's face. Why are you letting this child rape the stuff? Yeah. Why are you doing, you know what I mean? Like, really kind of really intense. And so Jesse decided to tell the audience, which was terrific, that they should go and be grassroots journalists and do this to people in power. Such as Anthony Fauci. Yeah, funny enough, I would have never even paused on this clip. It is so obvious. It's so obvious using metaphors and he was using, well, it's also a double entendre with the shot. But let's play the clip. Let's go. I'm sick and tired of conservatives always playing defense. I'm going to deputize all you guys to be little James O'Keefe's, okay? You got to ambush a guy like Fauci, okay? This is how you do these ambushes, like O'Keeffe. First you identify yourself. Dress, do you mind Doctor Fauci, if I ask you a few questions? Do you say Doctor Fauci? Why did you lie? You're just gonna speak gibberish. You let him talk. Get it on tape with your iPhone or your buddy's iPhone. Now, we didn't actually get the oh, the kill shot. Yeah, so the tape is longer than that, right? And so then he goes up to say, and then he says, boom, he asked the question that's the kill shot. Now, obviously, Andrew, what was he talking about? He's talking about catching him out in his lies. I mean, it's very obvious. And something that would so humiliate him. And so he's already his reputation is already in shatters amongst many conservatives and amongst freedom loving patriots all around the country. But something that would be so undeniably clear that he would lose all standing even within the mainstream. Let's be fair. Jesse waters would have been doing this at some sort of BLM or young Democrat socialist and saying that if you see Donald Trump Jr. and use the same thing, no one would have no one would have said anything.

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