Eric and Larry Taunton Discuss New Film 'Mr. Jones'


To ask you, have you seen a film called mister Jones? And Jessica Holland was a director. I have. I saw it last night with Suzanne, and I thought, I didn't anticipate that it would be particularly good or interesting. I certainly didn't anticipate that it would speak to where we are today, it's not a film for the whole family. There's some nudity and stuff. But what a brilliant film and what an indictment of the left leaning non journalists at The New York Times and at other places, willing to promote a narrative that is nothing less than evil. I was astonished that I hadn't heard more of the film before because it really speaks to where we are today, how the journalists have the sacred role and if they abdicate millions die, let's just say it that way. Well, interestingly enough, Eric, one of the first articles I ever published was telling that particular story long before this film was made. A piece that is titled a famine of truth. And what the film doesn't tell you, some of the backstory, this deals with stalinist Russia for our listeners today and George Bernard Shaw, who was a radical communist. George Bernard Shaw was invited on a tour of stalinist Russia in 1931 and he came back and he said that Stalin had created the nearest thing to a society had Christ returned to earth. This was a kind of language that he was using. And when he was asked about the people that Stalin was killing the purges, collectivization, this kind of thing. He said, well, yes, but he's killing the right people. Well, another man went to Russia at the same time, and that was Malcolm munger ridge. Malcolm mugridge was, you know, had had roots to the Fabian society. He was a socialist. He was an atheist. He and his wife moved there free love all this kind of stuff. They bought into the socialist lie, the way many young people are in this country today. But it least mugger ridge was intellectually honest. And he began hearing stories of a great famine in the Ukraine. And they weren't allowed to go there, but mugger got away from his NKVD that is to say the KGB handlers of that era. And he went to Ukraine. And they're in Ukraine. He saw millions starving to death, cannibalizing one another. And this was, by the way, a state engineered famine. It was a false famine. It was one that was brought about deliberately by the state. And we're moving in that kind of direction. By the

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