Defendant: Ahmaud Arbery 'trapped like a rat' before slaying


A police investigator testified in Georgia in the murder trial of three white men accused of killing a black man Ahmad armory Glynn county police sergeant Roderick no Healy told the jury he spoke to one of the three Greg McMichael a few hours after our Bree was killed big Michael told him our brief wasn't out for a Sunday jog and recognized him from security camera video inside a neighboring home under construction he was trapped like a rat I think he was wanting to flee and you realize that something you know he was not going to get away from court TV the defense claims the three were legally justified in chasing and trying to detain armory because they reasonably thought he was a burglar prosecutors say our break was an avid runner who lived in the neighborhood like Michael also told no hilly this guy was he was in good shape I'm at Donahue

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