Rep. Nicole Malliotakis Calls for Policy Change to Put Criminals Behind Bars, Following NYPD Shootings


Malia takas from New York, talking to Griff Jenkins on Fox News. This was preventable and sadly enough is enough. We really need to change the laws of New York and New York City to ensure that we put these bad guys behind bars. Repeatedly, we've warned about this. We've said that these dangerous bail law that the Democrats passed and in Albany were leading to more people being released. In fact, the detectives union recently told me that 9 out of ten people found with criminal possession of a weapon are being released back onto the street and 50% of the people that actually shoot somebody are being released back onto the street without bail because of these laws. And it just has to stop. And I'm really I'm begging my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. It's work together to fix our city. The mayor to his credit has said he wants to do this, but it's been three weeks. We've already seen 5 police officers shot one now fatally. How many police officers have to be shot before the Democrats figure out letting criminals go free doesn't make our communities safer? And incidentally, that's not a talking point. That's not a conservative talking point. That's literally the position of the newly elected district attorney in Manhattan. Letting criminals go free makes our communities safer. There's nothing to be gained by locking up some poor misguided man or woman who they had a bad childhood. They've got a drug problem. They've got an alcohol problem. They've got they've been no presh. Why put that person who threw that 93 year old woman down the steps in jail? She doesn't need to go to jail. We need to help them.

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