John Zmirak on America's Historic Censorship Crackdown


I talk to people everywhere I go. And most people have they're completely confused about this stuff. They do not know the basics. They seem to have this idea that, hey, my children need to get the vaccine. You're telling me the guy who invented the technology says absolutely not. And he's being silenced and his name is doctor Robert Malone. That's right. He was just kicked off of Twitter permanently. His videos are banned from YouTube. The 23 year old Yale graduates with degrees in gender studies and queer theory are deciding what legitimate news and what is not. The people who control your Yahoo feed, the people who work in the censorship department of Facebook, it's they, not researchers like Robert Malone, who invented the damned vaccine. No, no, they are obscured. They are radicals, their fringe, their anti vaxxers. We are experiencing the kind of censorship crackdown that happened in Eastern Europe in 1948 when the Soviets squeezed the Soviet the Eastern Bloc into obedience. The same thing that happened in 1968 when they cracked down and Czechoslovakia, the same thing that happened in 1933 when the Nazis started their lifestyle glacial tongue. I don't know why I couldn't say that. That was where they got everybody into line. And they fired all the professors who didn't agree and they closed all the newspapers that wouldn't go along. And they went after the leadership of the various union movements and churches, and they showed them you play ball or you go to dock out. So many priests were sent to dock out was called the priests camp. Well,

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