Dr. Anthony Fauci on Omicron Threat: 'If You Want to Be Fully Protected, Get Boosted'


Doctor Fauci says that people who are vaccinated, but not boost it, have the same degree of risk. As the unvaccinated. Yeah, if you are infected, you're infected. Whether or not you have vaccinated or not vaccinated, you're infected. When you talk about exposure and quarantine, if you are a person who is vaccinated but not boosted versus a person who is not vaccinated, because of the graded degree of protection that you would have gotten from being boosted, they're treating people who are vaccinated, but not boosted as the same risk of those who are not vaccinated at all. And that's because they're right now with a great deal of difference in the level of protection that you get from being boosted following vaccination versus following vaccination alone. Now regarding the CDC suddenly reducing the number of days for you to be quarantined after testing positive from COVID from ten days to 5 days, a biology professor went on CNN, and said it looks like they made the decision, not because of science. When we look at this, there is absolutely no data that I am aware about with the armor. It's people coming out of isolation 5 days after they were first diagnosed with the virus. My own work shows that when we look at people 5, 7, 8 days after they were first tested positive or first symptoms, they still have enough virus in their nose in the back of their throat to be able to come up positive on these antigen tests and antigen tests are a very good proxy for live virus and the ability to be able to infect others. So it seems that they've made a decision without the data to actually support this change. Now, if you're not confused enough, Doctor Fauci also said that many of the cases are interestingly either without symptoms or minimal symptoms. And many of the cases interestingly are either without symptoms or minimally symptomatic, particularly the breakthrough infections that you get when people have been

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