Maureen Steele: 'People's Convoy' Will Travel 10-11 Days to D.C.


Weeks The website is the people's convoy dot org Maureen can you give us an idea of how long it's going to take for you all to go from where you are now I'm assuming out in the obviously the West Coast to head on over to the northeast of D.C. area What are we looking at Ten 11 days or so Yeah about estimating 8 to ten days Yeah And they're going to be any stops along the way They're going to be any events along the way Anything we should know about We won't be announcing an event until a bit later but there will be Dan love for you to come Yeah it would be great But we will be stopping and marshaling areas And again the American people have stepped forward to make sure that again what happened in Canada doesn't happen here We're going to be marshaling on private land Ranch owners Private landowners on the side of the highway are like you guys can come in here So that's what we marshaling in the evening We have security crews bomb sniffing dogs It will be protecting the convoy in the evenings We've got this dialed in and we'd really love the American people to join us in the marshaling areas

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