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At investing a small amount of money and making it grow this is a great avenue to do that and what's really nice about our program to you you actually receive the software now with other groups you don't receive anything you get to view things and usually that software is way more complicated in you've got to go to technical school just to swallow what you're even looking at let alone all the multiple different types of trades that they have we've got one trade we've got one trade you're gonna learn about an hour and it's based on what the market does every single day of the year that it's open and it's called a onetwothree turnaround and it's it's really simple anybody can do this so if you're looking to be productive from home if you're looking to start a business or by business forget that you're gonna want to check this out you know we have a young lady in our group this is a great example she's from seattle and she was looking to start your own business she was actually going to buy a dry cleaning business and she had never been in the dry cleaning business but somebody told her it was a great price and i think it was about eighty thousand dollars to get started and she considered doing that but she instead went into business for herself with our group and for a fraction of the price of for well under ten thousand dollars she was able to get started with us total out of pocket and she's now in the group and productive making money after her training period and the training period is short it's about two weeks you don't need to go to technical school you don't need to get a certificate it's an easy follow along program where you can learn everything we do in a short period of time and be able to go live comfortably and that's the great thing in a we prepare you so before you go live with your first trade you've gone through that training period yeah.

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