Reparations May Be Given to Blacks in California


During his now infamous trial, January 6th defendant, Jacob chansley, AKA the Q shaman, faced some very hefty sentences. These included a 5 year prison sentence and a fine of up to $250,000. In law, such fines are levied as a form of restitution in order to compensate for costs such as damaged property, medical bills, resulting from personal injury, or even to pay an opponent's legal fees. The concept of reparations is that it is a form of punishment that can also help to repair the damage that was done by the accused. It's important to note, the government can not find you with reparations out of the blue. You have to be guilty of a crime. It's good the Chancellor wasn't ultimately hit with the full amount as a quarter of a million dollars for most people can't be raised easily. People work their entire lives and still can't save that much money. It's such a large amount that even someone as gullible as judge Lambert, a man who genuinely believed the Q shaman was somehow the breath from destroying America's democracy forever. Thought the penalty was overkill. Lately, there's been another shaman in the news, only this shaman has two ends, shaman Walton is a member of the San Francisco board of supervisors. A body which voted unanimously last Wednesday to approve a plan to give $5 million to every eligible black resident as part of the city's plan to make reparations for slavery. The plan was a way to go before final approval, like every other member of the board, shaman Walton wants to see it through. He says, quote, we have to stay focused and stay together as a community, he says. Because now it is a 100% more prevalent that we can not be separated or divided. Let's stay the course. Because a $5 million payday for me is almost here. It might be pertinent to point out that shaman Walton himself is black. And something also tells me he will be included among those deemed eligible for the payout.

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