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AP sports I'm Josh rowntree. We start on the NBA where Memphis took a game over Dallas with multiple stars sidelined. Correspondent Robert Stevens has more. Desmond baines scored 23 points as the Memphis Grizzlies completed a two game sweep of the Dallas Mavericks, one O four 88. Naz played without Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving both injured while the grizzlies were again without John morant. Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins says his team up this defensive intensity in the second half. Come out of halftime with just a renewed energy and mentality. Hey, we got to raise our level both sides of the floor. We made a couple adjustments defensively that paid off for us, which got us going with our groove on offense. And obviously that third quarter kind of changed the game. David roddy and Dylan Brooks had 19 apiece from Memphis while Jaden hardy led the Mavs with 28. Josh green at 23. Bob Stevens Dallas. In Houston, the rockets knocked off the Celtics one 11 one O 9. And jabari Smith scored 24 to lead the young rockets, one of the best teams in the league, where it was in the finals last year, you know, just competing with him. You know, going down to the wire like that with a great team like that. It's just real promise in this room. It's really good for us. The bucks beat the kings one 33, one 24. Giannis Antetokounmpo poured in 46 in the win. The warriors took down the sun's one 23 one 12 behind 38 points from Klay Thompson, including 33 in the first half. On the ice, buffalo scored three third period goals rallying to beat Toronto four three. Alex tuck at the 30 goal mark with a pair in the final frame. We kind of got back to just trying to work and make simple plays and you know I just roll over one line after another after another and it makes a huge difference out there and big news in the opening day of NFL free agency. The Raiders reportedly filled their QB void by agreeing to terms with former 49er. Jimmy Garoppolo on a three year deal worth, 67 and a half $1 million. The bears are set to give linebacker tremaine Edmonds a four year $72 million contract and the Steelers are bringing on three time all pro corner Patrick Peterson for a two year deal. I'm Josh Valtteri, AP sports.

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