It's almost Oscars time. Here's everything you need to know


Chef Wolfgang Puck is previewing his annual Academy Awards menu. The world famous chef has been catering the Oscars for 29 years and he starts planning the menu about four to 6 weeks in advance. We make for years now our smoked salmon Oscars with Caviar and we make the chicken pot pie with black truffles and we make always different kind of ani lotes. Just as the Oscar nominees change every year, puck makes some changes to his menu. We're going to have a English try for a bit cherry and we're going to have fish and chips. The best way gluten free and I've been saying and then one SPS is done. We're going to have a beef Wellington. There will also be chocolate cigars and cocktails with gold flakes, puck is concentrating on the food, but he's also following the Oscar ceremony. It was really a good way to enjoyable movies. So I think Tom Cruise, maybe might not win, but he might win as they produce. And park smoked salmon is shaped like an Oscar. I'm Ed Donahue

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