Prince Harry and Meghan made getaway in NYC taxi after being trailed by paparazzi


Prince Harry and wife Meghan made their getaway in New York City in a taxi after being trailed by paparazzi, Zara said was outside Manhattan's ziegfeld ballroom as the duke and Duchess of Sussex were leaving. The entire time a lot of the paparazzi were heckling Meghan and Harry and making just negative comments trying to get a reaction out of them. And the photographers followed the car and eventually went to a police station. And then the security guy hailed me, and next thing you know, prince Harry and his wife were hopping into my cab. Soup charn sings cab. I think they were cheap being chased the whole day or something, so they were pretty nervous. The royal couple spokesperson claims they had been dangerously pursued by paparazzi in a near catastrophic car chase through the streets of Manhattan. Nah, that must have happened earlier if they were being chased before. Police say the pursuit was relatively short and led to no injuries, collisions, or arrests, and no further investigation. Ahmed Donahue

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