Pence seeks 'common sense' Social Security, Medicare reform


Former vice president Mike Pence is still in the category of Republicans described as mulling a 2024 presidential bid, but he is laying out the policy approaches he'd like to see. I'm Ben Thomas, with this latest comments, common sense, and compassionate solutions. That's what Mike Pence says it'll take to reform entitlement programs in the nation's debt burden. Speaking to students at Washington and Lee university, the former vice president suggested changes are needed to social security and Medicare. As they closed in on projected and solvency dates. And while not offering specifics, he asserted, we can introduce common sense reforms that will never touch anyone who is in retirement or anyone who will retire in the next 25 years. The Pence said it will take courage to do it in the support of the current generation of young adults. Many leading Republicans, including Donald Trump, have recently signaled unwillingness to touch entitlement programs that the party has a history of threatening them. I'm Ben Thomas

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