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Our WNBA watch parties use the link playback TV. And hey, you never know when we're going to do a WNBA or wind side or a merch giveaway. We're doing tons of these this season. So I hope you can join the fun. All right, Rachel. Let's dive right in. The pre season's done, opening weekend was here. It's gone. I'm sitting pretty good. I texted you this morning. I'm feeling really good about where I kind of placed every team this season. If there's one team that I maybe you could throw some shade at me, say I was wrong, that was a little bit high on them. I think the answer would be the Phoenix mercury. Haven't found that gel yet, which I think is a little bit fair, given their best players coming back. Off of a horrible situation where they're detained for a year. And then you have Skylar digging Smith missing out and she was the key player on the growth in the skill level of that team. But I guess what's kind of, how are you feeling in reaction? Any surprises from opening weekend? I don't know that I have any surprises. I think this is going to sound really harsh. There were some moments man watching some of these games where I thought, man, there is a vastly major discrepancy up in the bottom of this league. I mean, and that's not really anything against kind of what we thought. It was just another thing to actually experience it and watch it. I mean, there were some games where I was like, man, it is very clear that the talent that this team has. Las Vegas looked great. They did exactly what I thought they were going to do. I think I was really impressed with Washington overall. I mean, game one, they looked great. They shot extremely well. Elena delle donne looks phenomenal. We know so much of their success lies on really how does she look. So I thought Washington in their first matchup was really, really good. The second one, and I've started to have some question marks and their perimeter shooting. I think that that ultimately is what shot him in the foot on Sunday. I mean, shooting like 15% from the three point line, I believe, I don't know what they ended up the final was, but yeah, really, really concerned with that. Like if this team is not knocking down perimeter shots, you know, in your relying on Della Don and Austin to kind of do that work. I think they're backcourt has got to be much better than what they were on Sunday. But I mean, I was impressed with Connecticut. I think we saw some growing pains early on with every team, and I think we saw it with Connecticut as well, but I think what you saw shine through in the second half of those games was just that toughness that that team has built up over a few years now. I mean, that toughness that camaraderie that consistency playing together, but then also so many teams, you know, haven't played together. And I think that was a pair as well. So I don't know that I have any surprises. I think I agree with you on Phoenix, but we also thought that's a team that could take some time to kind of get going and find their footing really impressed with griner. I was looking at the numbers yesterday to average 22 and a half and 8 and shoot like 73% from the field and two games is so impressive for somebody who, you know, is just now getting back into the league and finding her footing. I think that that is awesome to see. That was probably the highlight of the weekend for me personally. Oh, 100%. I think, you know, there's kind of two camps of teams in the league currently. The teams that have continuity and then the teams that were just completely remade. And you kind of have to judge them in different ways, like the storm. Okay, this is a completely new team. A team that decided to take a avenue of having a large swath of rookies come out. Of young players come on. And it showed at times. I mean, losing 64 one O 5. We all knew they were going to lose that game, right? But to see them lose that handedly, that's scary. That's worrisome for them. And I think it gives them justification. Look, I was on the episode before the season started saying, I disagree with some of the power rankings on one side or I don't think Seattle is last place yet. But then these games happen in account of proves that it's right. The team, a team that impressed me, honestly, or two teams that impressed me. LA sparks, Kurt Miller has done a great job of putting a brand new system of players together, finding camaraderie, finding a way to forge forward in a positive way. And to quote the graphic God, Kurt Miller elite floor raiser. He takes a team and he raises their low just so much and I don't know many other coaches who do that and that's why he's the perfect fit there and then James Wayne Chicago, where I'm looking at Minnesota, like the teams that we all expect to struggle and not necessarily make strides forward this year our Seattle Minnesota Chicago and LA, right? But LA is saying, no, no, no. Hold your horse RA. Kurt Miller is going to raise this team up. We're going to be better than a roster says. And I think Chicago is saying that too. Look, to start off to an O, granted, it's against Minnesota, and the mercury, but start off to an O, maybe only plays one game. And to have them moving the bowl so fluidly. Like they look and we are texting throughout these games, Rachel. Some teams look like 5 players just got picked up in a pickup game. And some teams look like, hey, whatever they were doing in camp, clearly resonated, and they look like a cohesive unit. Whether or not they're going to be champions or whatever, but at least they're over that initial hump of, hey, we need to learn how to complete simple entry passes. Well, and just an ability to kind of be in games. I mean, I'm still kind of in that, you know, I take this every year. Like the first week or a week and a half, first couple weeks, I'm kind of taking things with a grain of salt. I mean, we saw two vastly different teams, even in the liberty. Over the weekend. And I mean, I was impressed with LA showing. I think that you just have a system. You have a consistency. You have a coach who's experienced and knows what it takes to win in this league. You have pieces that mesh well together. I mean, by nature, that's going to look better. The product, just going to look better. Now it's going to come in. And it's the same thing with Chicago. I mean, vastly different players, all new, but those two coaches know how to win in this league. And so it's kind of going to be one of those things where all right, that tier of teams, the chicagos, the. Dallas, the LAs, it's going to be scratching and clawing night in and night out to win games and be in games. You know, and really those games are going to be a bit of a coin flip where you get the sense that it might be a bit of a coin flip in who's going to come out on top and some of those games. But the bottom of the league, I think we had it in like, what, four tiers before the season, it was like work and at Las Vegas. And then it was like Washington and Connecticut. And then it was like the Dallas, the atlantas, maybe LA, if you want to throw them in there, maybe Chicago, and then the very, very bottom. Which for me, right now, I kind of have a question mark with Phoenix because it's just, I don't know what's going to happen with them. I don't trust coaching there. The problem, there's you have yeah, I mean, LA, Minnesota, Chicago, Seattle, and Phoenix all have one or more according to your perspective. Superstar players, right? And it's kind of like what positive twist is the coach. What is the coach doing? Kurt Miller for lack of a better term to raise your floor. Yeah. I mean, it really sucks with Phoenix. I mean, that's a completely different team.

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