California eases water restrictions, but drought isn't over


, the weeks of rain and snow means some water restrictions are being lifted. The last three weeks here in California may have been the wettest ever. It's up for debate, if not the wettest, the most since the 1800s and while governor Gavin Newsom says work still needs to be done to replenish groundwater after so many years have drought that all this rain allows emergency drought rules restricting things like water and grass to be loosened. We are eliminating the mandate of mandates, what was referred to as level two drought application of the 450 or so water agencies in the state of California. The yasu announced local water agencies and farmers will now get much more from state water supplies. Alex stone, ABC News, Los Angeles. The FDA is proposing a new rule that would allow salt substitutes to be used in a greater number of foods, these substitutes use potassium instead of sodium, CDC says most Americans consume 3400 milligrams of sodium each day far more than the recommended limit of 2300 milligrams excessive salt intake has been linked to hypertension, which causes other heart problems. This is ABC News

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