Proud Boys leaders' Jan. 6 sedition trial inches to a close


The trial of the leader of the Proud Boys is inching towards a close. It's one of the most serious and high profile cases from the January 6th riot at the U.S. capitol for almost three months a jury in Washington D.C. has been hearing testimony and considering evidence on whether Proud Boys national chairman Enrique tarrio and for lieutenants committed seditious conspiracy. The government's case rests on a trove of messages Proud Boys exchanged on the telegram platform, Ethan nordean, Zachary rel, Joseph Biggs, and Dominic pozole, are the other defendants. Their attorneys argued there is no evidence of a plan for an attack, former proud boy members testify that they were expecting a Civil War after the 2020 election, closing arguments could start as early as this week. Jennifer King, Washington

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