Atlanta - Georgia Governor Kemp Defends Decision to Begin Phased Reopening of State Economy


Brian camp addresses criticism from those concerned he's opening businesses too soon despite the criticism governor Brian can't received last week from president trump for his decision to begin re opening Georgia businesses he still supports them I appreciate his leadership I appreciate all that the administration has done to support our state and like the president can't lashed out at the media for trying to divide there will be no dividing we're going to continue to work with the administration and the president and the vice president in the task force in he said today I wish the media could just see how good these calls go with the governor's Xander parish ninety five point five WSP Georgette meantime is headed rough milestone a thousand people have died so far in the state from the corona virus only ten other states have the same numbers some restaurants here in Georgia really having a hard time finding the supplies needed to re open for indoor dining Catherine a server here it is all Mexican restaurant says there's so many rules to follow in order to reopen including providing masks and hand sanitizer for all staff there's no where where we can find this hand sanitizer and then there's being able to serve and social distance at the same time is it even possible it will be really difficult for us like a a servers to to put put put the the the food food food on on on the the the table table table if if if we we we are are are not not not allowed allowed allowed to to to be be be less less less than than than six six six feet feet feet apart apart apart it's it's it's ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous in in in Peachtree Peachtree Peachtree city city city robin robin robin will will will lead lead lead Steve Steve Steve ninety ninety ninety five five five point point point five five five W. S. B. fifty nine degrees in Atlanta mostly clear and cold tonight lows forty seven to fifty one mostly to partly sunny tomorrow high seventy eight Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up top local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. S. B. depend on it small businesses hit another snag when they tried to get a loan help today the online loan application process had technical problems and three hundred and ten billion dollars is expected to go quickly here's ABC's Mary Bruce how experts tell us this fund could run out of money again it within a week and we are already seeing calls from some of the nation's top banks for Congress to fully fund and expand this program they won't have any hope of meeting this huge demand the first round of funding ran out in just thirteen days W. SPT use time eleven oh two is Georgia begins to reopen all things are sure to get confusing what's open and what's not what are the rules take on ninety five point five W. S. V. as we band together and help each other get back ninety five point five W. S. 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I. two eighty five also the northbound work on four hundred still blocking right lane past Abernathy toward the north springs marta station entrance wraps stated the far left if you make your way toward Roswell and Alpharetta twenty east and west bound east expressway to cap county WSJ became showing wetland still blocked both directions for the media work between Wesley chapel and Panola road Steve Winslow ninety five point five W. S. B. M. W. S. B. Rochester college within months most accurate dependable forecast for tonight mostly clear and cool lows forty seven to fifty one tomorrow mostly to to partly partly sunny sunny and and warm warm high high seventy seventy eight eight low low fifty fifty nine nine Wednesday Wednesday showers showers and and thunderstorms thunderstorms eighty eighty percent percent likely likely afternoon afternoon and and evening evening high high seventy seventy three three low low fifty fifty one one Thursday a mix of sun and clouds cool high sixty five lows forty six to forty nine fifty nine degrees on Peachtree street at ninety five point five WSP Atlanta's news and talk is an NBC news special covert nineteen what you need to know here is ABC news correspondent Aaron Katersky it's been weeks since most of us have been out to eat today restaurants in Georgia we're allowed to open for dine in service as the state continues to loosen coronavirus restrictions Tennessee's re opening retail stores Kentucky's re openings of health care services dog groomers can reopen in Wisconsin we're corona virus has hit harder it's different the governor of New Jersey said today restrictions continue indefinitely and the governor of New York said he expected to extend them for the city and its suburbs but the lunch crowd came back in parts of Georgia as our affiliate WSB found a chance to eat inside a restaurant Kim Kucera says this Brookhaven waffle house was her first choice the family hang out we are talking about the whole field in this family in the champ wasn't here this day but the company says no matter who walks in some things haven't changed they're going to get that welcome the waffle house the greeting that we're all excited to be able to give them for when they come in it'll be very clear where they can and cannot said company spokesperson in Gerry boss showed us the big red tape strapped across some of the books and some of the schools are also off limits to maintain safe social distancing the cooks and servers are all wearing masks and X. marks the spot where you can stand as you wait for a seat some don't like governor camp's decision to allow restaurants like this to re open their dining rooms but boss believes many of the critics may be able to work from home while still collecting a paycheck to say that when they still have all of those things we want to be here to make sure that everybody who wants to go and have the opportunity to can take care of themselves and their family that's the American way as for Kim cassette as she feels comfortable eating inside says there's a sense of home here and it all starts off with waffle house what can't get any more American the waffle house right many will never feel comfortable venturing out or re opening a business without a vaccine and most experts think that's at least a year away some scientists are considering rather unconventional ways to speed up the process one of them raises some moral questions we're joined by Dr Angela Baldwin of Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx is also part of our medical team here at ABC news Dr Baldwin this method involves injecting healthy adults with live coronavirus correct so this is called a challenge trial where healthy adults are divided into two groups one group received a placebo and the other group receives the potential vaccine but both groups are injected with the virus and the point is for them to for researchers to see how effective the vaccine is against the virus and this kind of speed up the timeline because normally in a normal situation what somebody receives a vaccine the researchers just have to kind of wait for that person to naturally be infected with whatever virus or disease that the vaccines intended to treat is it the only way to do this definitely not this normally vaccine trials go through three phases phase one phase to help determine the specific dosing that safe and then you know an overall kind of safety of the vaccine and then in phase three is when they do these large very large trials for the enroll thousands of patients and a half receive the vaccine the other half isn't but then they just kind of track them and follow them throughout their daily lives and see okay all this group you know they were exposed to the virus and it looks like the vaccine worked the problem is these are just very long and then kind of a bit cumbersome and so that's why some researchers are proposing this challenge trial the kind of by pass phase three doesn't raise any moral dilemmas definitely a moral dilemmas they do try to mitigate the risk but the fact of the matter is we are taking otherwise healthy adults and injecting them with a virus that could have serious consequences including death the other side they do try to mitigate the risks they would only be enrolling healthy adult volunteers without underlying medical conditions but the problem is we do know that unfortunately there are young people who are still dying from call the nineteen you may also not have any underlying conditions there's still so much we don't know that just makes it's completely unsafe and the other problem is if somebody does get very sick you know we're dealing with a health care crisis right now work the critical care that one may need may not always be readily available and resources may be scarce so to inject somebody of the virus and the potentially kill them and put them in a situation where they urgently need critical care that might not be available raises a few eyebrows from from office I guess it's tempting though when everyone wants the vaccine this seems like the speediest way you know if they could and and one of the questions we ask ourselves is how much does this speed up the the normal course of us finding a vaccine right so if it only speeded up by one month maybe not that great of an idea of the speeded up by six months eight months okay maybe but also the thing to realize is that the challenge trials only one part of a of a two step process these researchers are suggesting would replace phase three so you still have the challenge of trial where the people are given the live virus but then in the second part they would need to test the vaccine on the most vulnerable members of the population right the elderly people under my medical conditions these are the people who really need the vaccine so we need to make sure it's safe in them so during the second phase they would give each of those types of people the vaccine but they would not be injecting them with the with the virus so that means we still in this kind of things were waiting for these people to in the natural course of their days be exposed to the virus so it's really not short meaning that the for the third phase by that much if you think about it who's going to decide ultimately you know that's a very good question I think ultimately we have these things called internal review boards RBC and they are designed to look out for the welfare of participants in subjects in studies and I think it's basically going to fall on the individual IRB's to decide whether or not they're going to allow this to to commission their institution Dr Angela Baldwin of the ABC news medical unit while the world waits for a vaccine all of us adapt to new routines out of our offices and working from say the kitchen table firms are now debating how and whether to repopulate offices small workers are deciding whether they're comfortable taking off the sweat pants and putting back on the suit consumer minute vices law firm said soy Hauser group you joins us from Chicago we're all kind of getting used to this aren't we yes you know I think this is going better than many law firms thought it would technology working well generally people are productive at home some people even like it what's not to like you can be in your pajamas and still accomplish the same kind of work you know in a candid moment a lot of lawyers would probably tell you that and I think that there is upside for both lawyers and for firms to do that the flexibility is something the people of wanted since before the crisis in some law firms before the crisis we're taking small steps towards being more flexible about where people worked and they saw upside both in attracting talent who wanted to be working where they were comfortable where they were where it was convenient also for the law firms there's a big expense of course on the real estate side real estate for most law firms is their second biggest expense behind paying lawyers so they're interested long term many law firms are in using less space why would any firm go back to renting expensive space again if this is working it's that's a great question different firms are different so some firms before the crisis we're happy to move towards less space and I think that the crisis will accelerate the move towards less space for those firms other firms the before the crisis had a culture of being in the office together they placed a premium on facetime and I think after the crisis some of those firms will revert to form and they will want to be in the office more so there will be some that accelerate towards work at home more and take on less space and I think others will want to snap back to how they were previously law firms like many other firms can be notoriously inflexible though about people's time has the shortest that it can work differently I think that this crisis has proven that actually can work pretty well for many lawyers in many firms different lawyers have practices that lend themselves to working remotely so for example a lawyer who needs to appear in court or take depositions in person that doesn't work as well remotely of course others though K. and worked quite productively from anywhere and that works for the firm in for their clients when you ask people what the impediments are to remote working some of the things that come up are things like whether working remotely as an impediment to mentoring opportunities for young and up and coming lawyers they asked about whether working remotely as an impediment to a training those lawyers and they also ask about whether working remotely is an impediment to collaborating together and so some firms will find ways to address those impediments and work around them others will feel the need to be a person more often Kent Zimmerman a principle that's only because our group joining us from Chicago coming up our chief medical correspondent Dr Jennifer Ashton answers your questions about corona virus I'm Erin to Turkey you're listening to an ABC news special this is a commercial announcement picture this scenario a shortage of fuel has closed your electric utility or any possible disaster is just devastated your town you're out of power no lights and no news that's why federal and state agencies urge every home to have an emergency radio now you can get a free Dynamo world bad emergency radio this 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S. B. latest news and talk you're listening to an ABC news special copay nineteen what do you need to know in the B. C. news correspondent Amy Robach and with me now is ABC chief medical correspondent Dr Jen Ashton and there is some big news about colleges and universities considering re opening in the fall let's go through this systematically how it would work well first of all I mean we have to acknowledge is a complex situation in the health and safety of not just this population but the entire college and university community is obviously priority number one but here are some things that we know at this point medically we know that the college age group is at a lower risk of severe covert nineteen disease we also know that in this age group and in this environment social distancing is definitely going to be uniquely challenging and we also know that there are people in these communities whether they're college students with pre existing medical conditions or the staff or faculty that worked in and around colleges that could be vulnerable and may be at higher risk as well what options should be considered well I think there are some theories that are worth really exploring the first thing is is can we modify the timing of the spacing some of the classroom activities some of the other activities they shouldn't be looked at like an all or none decision in terms of sports theatre dormitory dining all of those things could be modified it's not an all or one situation and we have to remember that masks once the CDC recommended that for the general public they may be a key tool in reducing the transmission of this virus in the college communities from a health standpoint what do we still need to figure out well look luckily we have a little bit of time to do this but I think there is still a lot of things we don't know where to begin with we don't know what the role of rapid testing on a college campus can look like we don't know whether to college students and whether our kids will actually be compliant with some of the social distancing measures and we really don't know when you talk about risks which is worse right now going back to college in some way shape or form or take taking another year plus and not going back you both have to weigh those risks head to head and it's not an easy answer all right Dr Jenna you're sticking around to answer questions in just a bit in the meantime we turn out A. B. C.'s kera Phillips in Washington DC with the latest headlines for us hi Amy well these are some of the stories that were watching plans to re open the economy are taking shape in a number of states restaurants in Atlanta starting up again with new rules in place for diners today including tables six feet apart and servers wearing masks and in New Jersey governor Phil Murphy is unveiling what he calls responsible re opening driven by quote data science and common sense and Texas governor Greg Abbott also detail in the plan for ending his statewide stay at home orders and re emerging for the first time today after pretty brutal bout of the virus British prime minister Boris Johnson apologizing for being away for three weeks and warning it's too soon to end the locked down in the U. K. speaking outside number ten Downing Street Johnson says we are now beginning to turn the tide on this disease but says he refuses to throw away the public's effort and sacrifice by relaxing the lockdown too soon thank you well the mayor of Las Vegas made headlines last week when she volunteered the city as a control group to see if social distancing is working joining us now to talk about how and when Las Vegas will reopen as Clark County commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick welcome commissioner and I want to first start by asking how you feel about mayor Goodman's comments well I don't agree with her you know my colleagues and I who oversee the beautiful Las Vegas Strip bill that we have to our highest priority needs to be the health and safety of not only our residents we work on this trip but the visitors who come to visit us yeah and that said the mayor also feels hotels casinos restaurants should reopen right now when do you think they should reopen and what will the economic impact three well we've been working every single day with our medical experts across the state a resort association are McCarron airport and the convention that's already so we are working in that direction testing is the key to getting us back open and we are in the middle of expanding that testing opportunities so we will open only when it's safe and we have the most stringent priorities and policies in place can you talk a little bit about specifically how the county is working with the casinos there and other businesses to prevent another outbreak when you do eventually re open well I thought back to we we have been successfully doing social doesn't change we are ramping up casting today we can do up to two thousand tests today we anticipate by June first being able to ten thousand task our hotel partners and our airports they're making some adjustments so that our visitors bilberry see it coming back and that is our priority and we'll invite everybody back when we feel that we can meet those and do you do you how do you feel the people of Clark County are doing in terms of doing that social distancing and following the guidelines you know we're doing a great job every single day we look at different ways I mean even as we bring back our own stops we have to think about how do we have that social distancing and the grocery stores we have lines out for running grocery lines one way I'm so I I'm very proud of what we're doing in our community on the social distancing face while commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick we know it's a tough job thank you for leading the people who use Sir we appreciate your time today thank you get back to work some schools may still be close so where do we go from there the CEO of childcare provider bright horizons Stephen Kramer is here to tell us and Stephen thanks for being with us I know that you have locations daycare locations across the country how many of your facilities remain open so we have a hundred and fifty centers here across the United States that are continuing to be operational and are clearly working under covert nineteen protocols yeah that is pretty surprising I think for a lot of us and and I'm sure so helpful to so many who need your facilities how are you able to keep them open safely absolutely so first and foremost we are focused on those hundred and fifty centers on providing care for essential workers most typically healthcare workers in so first and foremost we are really focused on that particular population in terms of keeping our staff as well as children safe we have implemented processes and procedures in conjunction with a medical expert Dr Kristen Moffett from Boston children's hospital whereby we are ensuring that we are able to keep children safe keep staff safe and really make sure that we are operating both from hygiene perspective as well as from a safety perspective really in an appropriate way so hundred fifty centers open right now what changes will need to be implemented though when day cares fully open back up yes so I I think families can expect a number of changes from what they experience prior to the pandemic also examples include pick up and drop off so often times they will be seen either staggered pick up and drop offs or alternatively it may be curbside pick up and drop off I think certainly I health checks either being asked to be done at home or being done at the centre when they arrive is an important element of keeping everyone safe in addition to that the teachers they will be wearing masks when when families returned and certainly in the bright horizons centers that are open today our teachers are wearing masks also those are the kinds of things they might expect in addition to enhanced hygiene protocols yeah it's Stephen is there anything parents can do now to be prepared for what's to come I think there are things that parents can be doing I think first and foremost it's really important for parents to make sure that they are checking the health of their child each morning and each and every day to make sure that they are not bring their child if they have any sign or symptom of a health issue I think in addition to that children won't be used to the teachers wearing masks that's not something that they would have experienced previously and so my recommendation would be to as a parent start wearing masks around the house start to educate your child that heroes wear masks and certainly the teachers in the centers are heroes and so experiencing and exposing them to that concept is important and then finally I would encourage pet parents to prepare themselves they need to have a little bit of extra patience and I would encourage them to show appreciation for the teachers who are working tirelessly through both now and in the future in the child care center environment I think so many parents are home right now have a absolute renewed appreciation of teachers and I love what you said heroes wear masks that's awesome Stephen Kramer thank you so much for being with us today we appreciate it thank you for having me UP next right here those masks are suddenly everywhere and officials say it's a good idea but the sight of them can frighten our children some techniques for helping them deal when we come back this can be seen news special continues after this eleven eleven thirty thirty in in the the core core rate rate carrier carrier W. W. SP SP twenty twenty four four hour hour traffic traffic center center to to cap cap police police respond respond to to reports reports of of a a disabled disabled vehicle vehicle in in the the median median of of I. I. two eighty five by highway seventy eight exit thirty nine watch for left lane restrictions in both directions north and southbound along the perimeter on the east side while we have road work on six seventy five northbound in Clayton county blocking right lanes as you approach and will block roads to the far left toward I two eighty five this report from the Crohn's and colitis foundation which has been the forefront of inflammatory bowel disease research and care for over fifty years learn more about research education and support and Crohn's colitis foundation dot org Steve Winslow ninety five point five W. S. 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S. B. latest news and talk listening to an ABC news special Kobe nineteen what you need to know once again here is ABC news correspondent Amy Robach new questions every day about this pandemic emergency Dr Jen Ashton is back with us with some answers to your questions and Dr Jenn we've got our first question I have a family member who needs to fly for work are there any other safety measures besides gloves and masks that you would recommend that is really the most important for the passenger you can try to plan the time of that travel maybe to lower peak hours if that's possible but what's interesting about travel is that some degree of travel is not gonna be optional or elective in the near future so we're starting to see as we've heard before airlines start to play around with how they can help reduce the risk so again cover your mouth and nose clean your hands and for now as an individual that's the best you can do all right our next question our sinus drainage and post nasal drip possible symptoms of cold at nineteen even without a fever interesting because we're hearing the CDC revise the symptom less straight they added six symptoms to cope in nineteen he used to be fever cough shortness of breath now they've extended it to body aches headache loss of smell taste sore throat even headache but here's the important thing with the post nasal drip and allergies we are an allergy season and as I always say you can have more than one thing at a time so yes it's possible that you could have a mild case of cobit and allergies and one of the new symptoms the CDC added was a sore throat so again above the neck symptoms it is possible and I'm sure we're gonna be seeing that list of symptoms get expanded in the future next question I'm a college professor recovering from coded nineteen and I'm struggling with sudden loss of secondary language fluency has there been any research on cognitive impairments related to cope with nineteen no formal research and data out yet Amy but you can imagine how frightening that would be if you start to notice these we you and I've talked here about neurologic manifestations to cove in nineteen there have been reports in the medical literature of people presenting with headache seizure dizziness loss and smell and taste are neurologic symptoms so cognitive function we may see that certainly and seriously cove in nineteen patients who have been in and I see you that's to be expected but we'll we'll hope that those things return back to normal okay next question we've been talking a lot about pregnancy this one about new moms is it safe to vaccinate babies or give booster MMR shots without testing them for cove in nineteen any expected complications like fever or anything else a couple of things with this because it's really important for the American academy of pediatrics talk about the risks of delaying infant immunizations in the setting of the covert nineteen pandemic number one fever is a possibly a good reaction of our body to anything whether it's a vaccination for exposure to something like Kobe right now pediatricians offices are not testing babies for cove it before they administer routine I mean ations but that may change in the future and we have to remember those immunizations are important so any concerns really want the parents to talk to the pediatrician all right great advice as always Dr Jan thank you and if you have questions for Dr Ashton you can submit them on her Instagram at Dr J. Ashton will masks and face coverings have become such a familiar sight around the country in this corona virus pandemic with a number of states now requiring them during visits to essential businesses and on public transportation but the sight of them can be scary especially for children A. B. C.'s Ariel Russia has more on what you can do to help lessen their anxiety Hey there any as you know kids can ask some pretty tough questions and this can actually be scary for them as you mention when they see people out there wearing masks they see their parents wearing masks but experts say there are ways to help them adapt to this new normal and some of them are not only just educational but they can even be fine faking street shuttered businesses empty playgrounds the images of this covert nineteen pandemic are hard for even adults to process but for kids like four year old alley and five year old Adriana Alfano seeing people wearing masks is perhaps the most jarring it they just I was really strange a new normal forcing families like the L. fan I was to have some tough conversations it does open up both a big can of worms and a lot of different questions public face covering now recommended by the CDC for adults and children ages two and up how do you think the imagery of people wearing masks can affect kids well initially when kids see someone wearing a mask depending on what they associate it with before it could bring up some beer new dad and entrepreneur Trevor George and his wife Morgan wanted to help ease that anxiety we believe that in order to solve this everyone has to do their part Michigan based teacher company struggling when the pandemic hit economy it had the two created mass club issues like it has to be a way you can help and work with your branch at the same time retiring more than fifty percent of their furloughed employees or adults with a lot of characters like hello Kitty Wonder Woman Batman and Superman we have an eight month old and when my wife and I put on our Batman or Wonder Woman masks he reaches for the colors that has a familiar logo can help your child more east club a passion project with added and for every mass that's purchased we donate a medical grade version two first responders in partnership with the first responders children's need and creating a bright spot family having some fun some levity and then mixing them with information Trevor says that they have donated nearly one hundred thousand masks already any clearly this idea of wearing a branded logo mask and also doing some good while you're in the process of that is really resonate yeah it's a win win I was even saying I know kids it's scary to them it's scary to me sometimes when you see people because it is jarring seeing circle in masks all of a sudden what tools can parents use when they talk about this with their children well doctor Taylor says it's important to impress upon your kids that they're taking care of themselves they're taking care of others this is a safety precaution just like wearing a helmet when you ride a bike or buckling your seat belt when you're in the car and she also says that it's important to have these honest conversations with your kids just be up front with them lead by example when you're comfortable wearing your own mask children see that and they're more at ease as well makes sense and kids are certainly resilient aerial thank you so much for bringing us this we appreciate it for gonna turn out to Dr Jen Ashton for some thoughts on this for some perspective here I mean we have to remember it was just recently that the CDC made a major change of revising their guidelines recommending face coverings for the general public not to protect the person wearing the mask but to protect others so as the saying we're so used to hearing here in New York City it's not about me it's about a week but here's the interesting thing from a medical and scientific standpoint remember that the data on face coverings or masks protecting you was done in a lab right that's why we say in a hospital setting we put masks on sick people with a different kind of mask on health care workers but there's a big difference between scientific research done in a lab setting and those done in a real life setting so we're seeing one of major Boston Medical Center has dropped the rate of its staff cases of covert nineteen dramatically once they instituted a policy where everyone staff patients and visitors started wearing masks so we'll see how it plays out in our country Dr Ashton thank you and when we come back the army of volunteers in one city working hard to help frontline heroes shine these special continues after this about half of all men will experience ET or PT fact both E. 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