China, Official And Tom Prodigy discussed on Chinese Radio Seattle


Chance to show that it send IT to one block on top you'll find what you're what are the results we have sent one we have found we estimate how while you call don't I don't know if you're gonna even on long journeys you're right you didn't follow up on that yet in Seattle yeah because you don't you don't gain targets without bias she wants to check No Way Out she said that when blocked off with a hyphen she won one that not not yet catcher your signal being the aqua you know getting back to your original now holds monitors we hadn't yet yet still got a yeah yeah wire from a kind of a wash her either we shop strong outcomes make an effort on goal today children being the hosts on if I were to make hustle so there are no clinical June me and I I just had a J. I. seems on the tricks in the Jan the demon the young but in a container ship one is on the I know you haven't yet been damaging China so you did your will come tell me why can't you guys order calls for you got connected you wish as long as you're shopping on a really good you know he's but as I did good yeah I kind of took on a high well she may have tried to yeah yup so not a social number J. Richard official I have tried because only that is what pulled you sure soldiers are you are you are on the United you know you're you're useful information so much is happening that sent him to injured out okay what we we are demanding action we sat down she should talk how don't call the five five announcing a new man army the from yellow line kinda nice and that trouble don't own tool downside we're head even until crashing through again the football of water as well full so shall we switch and Tom prodigy that'll down Union Army kind I it'll shoot section about what we have to go well you're not bothered touchdown it'll tell you from all the little some athletes who sounded very open J. O. Toda total financial troubleshooting the top of it highs.

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