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I mean there are so many aspects of this in which we can talk


Order with rogue states amid corona virus crisis according to a report was a myth is not news to me I'm not shocked here because I've already talked about this I already talked about the likes of China and let me put in exploiting the corona virus global emergency and to be careful I mean they've both been involved in disinformation they've both tries tried to call China and Russia and I'm sure Ron and North Korea trying to increase on rest and uncertainty and panic in the United States over coronavirus yeah I mean it's the older don't let a good crisis go to waste and our adversaries are certainly going to try to take advantage of this welcome to the program I mean every day this is Seoul March to cover and there's just so much I can actually do in three hours also I like to spend time scattered throughout the program talking about the disinformation Hey forget about the Russians and the Chinese well don't don't really forget about it but just for the sake of this point I was gonna say forget about the Chinese and the Russians spreading disinformation be careful of that this information is being spread right here in the United States

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I mean there are so many aspects of this in which we can talk

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