Democratic Party postpones presidential nominating convention


Is that the Democratic National Convention schedule for mid July in Milwaukee has been not cancelled but postponed until the week of August seventeenth Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett who's been of course one of the the leading driving forces behind try to get the convention to Milwaukee he's going to be addressing what this means Erekle step back at the NCO he Tom Barrett's get ready to speak but it's not he's not quite set yet well if they're allowing everyone to either this is the new normal now where we have these zoom meetings and everything so they're allowing everyone to get to the place he is currently sitting in his living room I can see him looking at his phone but he has not yet spoken yet a lot of questions about what's going to happen here Jeff it sounds like a ccording to the DNC statement from earlier today they will have the Wisconsin center district they will have hotels available they will have the Fiserv form to use but still a lot of questions and a lot of fluidity as to whether or not all of that is open we shall see well well yeah and then then of course there's there's the practical situations of what what about people's psyches I mean as as I was talking about your typically delegates pay their own way so my my guess is you have a lot of the people who are potential delegates party activists who have been caught up in again everything that's going on in the economy R. okay got it here we go here comes the mayor yeah it's a convention that was originally scheduled for July thirteenth through the sixteenth as we move to the week of August seventeenth I consider this extremely good news and I think it's a sign of how sensitive the Democratic National Committee is to that health needs not only of our of our residents but the health needs of people throughout this nation I think we all recognize that increasingly it looks more and more difficult for us to host this convention during the week of July thirteenth through the sixteenth but in my conversations that I've had with the comfort with the delegation and with that outcome convention organizers excel as well as my can conversations with chairman Tom Perez it was always clear to me that they are committed to nominating the next democratic presidential nominee here in the city market and I think that this announcement today underscores their commitment to doing that I think it's also extremely important because at a time where we are navigating the most tumultuous public health issue we have faced in our lifetime increasingly one of the most precarious economic situations we are in bed hopefully and I say this with a great deal of hope that by mid August that this will serve as a very very important shot in the arm for our local businesses so that they can X. expect to have visitors here how many visitors we don't know how many days the convention we don't know but I think what really allow this to happen again was a recognition by the Democratic National Committee and time president Joe somebody said particular it was very very important to remain committed to Wisconsin to be remain committed to Milwaukee and because they know we've got a lot of work say no that this is something it's important to us I would say this at the local level as excited as we have been we continue to be very excited about hosting this convention over the last month month and a half our city resources and I think IT resources throughout this community have been committed to dealing with the cold with nineteen crisis and become current economic crisis that it's developing in other words it's exciting is we've been about the convention it immediately got moved to the back burner but it never got taken off I never got taken off the stole and it's gonna remain on the back burner in terms of what we're doing right now in trying to address the public health crisis and deal with the economic crisis but by having this additional month of breathing room we are hoping that this will allow us then to pivot once we're moving out of these turbulent waters and use this as a very very important shot the iris I set that up to moving the community forward so again I've had conversations with German president conversations with Joe Solmonese with right elbow moderates in the host committee and I know that they've reached our device reform to this concert center district to others in the community to make sure availability it was something that we can work with and everyone we've talked to has been very very accommodating I'm very thankful for that obviously they're going to have to be somebody just listener being made along the way but this is a challenging time and I think what you saw here was a a commitment to the process of commitment to the community and a commitment to public health and I'm happy about all three of those very very much so there's any questions I'm happy at Juventus mayor Barrett holding his briefing from his living room to all the news agencies there yes as you heard it there Jeff the death of Democratic National Convention will now be held on August seventeenth in Milwaukee August seventeenth one month back from when it originally was supposed to be in July here in the city but you know in Iraq I think interestingly the word that the mayor used that I think people need to be aware of the issues fluid it is a under understandably it's a fluid sort of situation and I think what you're going to see S. time with what this was was an opportunity to to buy time to figure out you know where we are and but my guess is my guess is there's been no commitment at this point in time you know no certainty as to what exactly is it going to look like and I think that's a reasonable position we just you know who who knows exactly where we're going to be it two months from now but it is interesting to me that we're seeing so many of these dominoes already fall over for events in June and now July and now we know we're we're getting into August to me this makes eminent sense you hope that they're able to pull off something like this because again it's gonna be huge economic shot in the arm to Milwaukee and we're going to need an economic shot in the arm all ages they I mean they're still so many questions regarding the security the hotels the venues the entertainment the number of people in the the number of media that will be allowed to come in for this I mean we're talking about hotels in medicine and in Illinois some of these folks of that that's going to be a huge adjustment and I mean I assume that a lot of those hotels there's weddings generally in August the state state fair ends August sixteenth this is supposed to start the seventeenth so we are very very

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