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How you doing today I am doing good. I'm still in my pajamas. I have a nice shirt on and we are going to be recording another show from the couch. That's right cruise dude studio here in Santa Monica California Nice Quarantine. Day How you doing. I'm getting ready to go cruising a Ken. I can't wait. I'm watching all the videos on Youtube. I'm checking out all the INSTAGRAM'S. Everybody is very encouraging. Just cruising is coming Basso. Speaking about videos we have a special guest. We Have Amaafuza. And she has a website called cruising is not just for old people and she put out the nine things. They're going to be changing because of Cova nineteen in the cruise lines and we're going to discuss her findings and some of those things and we're going to go into some details and share our thoughts. Sure she'll share her thoughts and I think I don't. I'm ready to go you know. She's already had thousands of hits on this one video and it's only been out for like four or five days. It's incredible so. Let's get right doer. All right here we go. Well we have a friend EMMA FROM MMA CRUISES. Low Low Emma from home cruces. Just old people throw people that's me we're all cruising from our couches right now. Are you cruising from your couch undoing? My best is the food isn't as good and entertainment is not the same but trying what do you mean isn't Hudson providing new show every night now? I was really excited to work from home and see what Hudson doesn't the daytime. He doesn't nothing absolutely at least though. Because we're all zooming. All we have to do is put on a shirt and have our pajamas on the bottom. My right that's that's pretty much the Slo move version of what I wear. If I'm wearing like me dressed up for the day it's not. It's just in pajamas. Would everyday Yup Yup and all we're waiting for is to get back to cruising and that's why we're here. Hey so tell us. Let's just let's go back. What was your last cruise My loss cruise on the Norwegian spirit. My favorite cristobal time. Just before Christmas was decorated for Christmas it was was fantastic. Reading Ice Really missed that cruise ship. She had a massive refit. Just after I came off and I was hoping to get back on board But yeah that plans been delayed for now for a little bit just for a little bit. Oh well you. You produced a video Couple of days ago and and it's titled Nine Ways Your cruises will be changing after Kovic nineteen and we thought that it was just so timely and so informative. We decided to have you on our show to share with us. Some of the things that you have discovered here. Can you tell us? Where did you find? These proposed changes coming to cruising a case. So there's there's a company who genting Hong Kong who owns three different cruise lines They own stalkers crystal cruises on dream cruises. I'm not sure how much you guys know about them because they mostly in hr but they came out with. You're familiar with crystal crystals pretty much. When I know dream all they did have something to do with Norwegian for awhile so the ships are pretty much. I think of them as being the Asian versions of the Norwegian cruise ships. If you look at them you would think that they were Norwegian cruise ships but then but they release these guidelines. That said. This is what we're GONNA do when we get back to cruising and it goes through everything from cleaning how they're going to change on the buffets in the main dining rooms how they gonna Change. They're expecting changing the way people book things And I think that the first cruise line. That's come out with this. They're not going to be the last one. They all based in Asia so when Corona virus hit they one of the first ones that were affected. We didn't really hear too much about it at least in the UK but they did have positive cases on board one of the cruise ships so they were quite badly affected. I kind of I think they just the forefront with these guidelines everything. They've said I think makes perfect sense to me and it's kind of just an extension of what they already do. I hope the day GonNa do some of these things anyway. even if it wasn't in this situation some of the things like they want to remove service buffets and have other people serving you. I'm quite happy for them to do that anyway. I wish that they did that from the beginning. Wow Wow so before we start all of these. Can you go down the list of what are the ways? And then we're going to go back and talk about them. I've got my. My list is much more than nine now. Await breaking news breaking news. You're on the cruise dudes podcasts. And so the things that are going to happen. Some of them are. I think there's more than nine because I've said I think a few things as well join my. I think so just as I said. Let's go for the time. And they were going to go for the Emma. I think's I so ankle fitness to travel certificates for anyone. Who's over seventy Norwegian did do that for for? Why didn't they before they come with us? And they gonNA carry on with that in the future. I think I think that they're going to ask for three of travel insurance for pretty much. Everybody I think that makes makes sense. It's perfect yes. Yes very good sense so Actual proof that you just you just have to show it. I've been on cruises before. They also might travel insurance information so some cruise lines probably already do this. They've talked about doing heat scams on people when they embark unnatural. How this is GonNa work in reality because some some people might just have a hot flush. Some people won't have a fever with they do have the current virus so this this may change but they all talking about having scans when people doing balk. When I took a cruise in Japan. They made us all get off and they scanned all of us in a little stock on which at the time I thought was very very strange about year and a half But the they do already have away to you know. He'd scam evolves amount of people in this saying they're gonNa do that when they embark. They also might tryin. Stagger embarkation. Because at the moment you can get a lot of people. Can't you just line up and get on board so they might make people stick to those times when they say you have to get one at certain time and I'm supposed to pull it out. I have to admit I want to get onto soon as I can. But that may become an actual. They have said that. They they getting rid of the self service buffets. So I'm sure they'll still have some of buffet but they're just going to have Someone serving it to you which I would like that. Anyway is just a question of more staffing. Isn't it. So yeah but the they have said that they're not GonNa do soap service anymore. They've said they're GONNA put Disposable cutlery for people who don't have disposable cutlery which I think seems quite quite. Extreme doesn't it. Cutlery should be clean. You would hope but Exact if people requested they said that they're going to have disposable cutlery viable which I don't think has ever happened before I've never tried but I don't think that's happened

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