Was Diddy right about forcing Joe Biden to have an agenda for Black people?


You never really know who's going to shine during a pandemic during a crisis but A person in a voice that I think has really stepped up in a major way has been Naomi Campbell who has done some amazing interviews and And even just had some conversations herself about the pandemic about politics and Of course I mean she is a woman who's traveled and seeing the entire world but she's just been brilliant throughout the pandemic with just deep insights and thoughts and yesterday she had a conversation with diddy and apart of that conversation was about the presidential race and did he gave his thoughts on it. And I want to play that clip for you now. Black born is now going to be for free. We're going to have to see some promises. What are we in return for? I'll quote nothing has changed for Black America and in order for us to vote for biding. We can't be taken for granted like we always because we're supposed to be Democrats off because people are afraid and trump so I was going to take him out. Community level was to make a deal. This is business at this point. You know we can't truth follow. Titians you know so. We WanNa know very clearly just like trump made it clear that he wanted to build the wall vitamins to make clear that he's GonNa Change Lives in quality of life of black and Brown people else. He can't get the boat. I will hold a vote hostage. Ivine now. I saw and heard that clip earlier this morning when my friend. Sholom in God. He posted it and he posted a loan. Caption if you go to my instagram now or Charlemagne's Instagram I reposted Charlemagne's caption where you could just go to Charlemagne's page and check it out for yourself. I agree with everything they did. He said they're like I. I would say it even stronger. I think it's it's ridiculous to say otherwise but it's a bit of a roar test Which wish if the ink blood tests where you Somebody shows you ink blots and you tell them what you see I heard what did he said. It was like Yep. That's right we need to make sure that Joe Biden actually has an agenda for us and I I heard that and I'm like yeah of course. What other scenario are we saying that we don't care if Joe Biden has an agenda for us because what did he is saying is true? Black people almost exclusively put Joe Biden in the position. He's in right now and he doesn't come close to winning. The presidential election in November without the black vote and all saying is. Hey we need to let him know. Hey if you actually in real life want us to show up and vote for you like in a major way if you want us to put you over the top talk to US clearly about your agenda show us the policies show us the plans show us the strategies instead of just saying that you're going to be different than trump or that. You're better than trump. Can WE BE PRACTICAL. Can you talk to us about your economic policies? Can you talk to us about your justice policies? Can you talk to us about your healthcare community development policies? Can You? Can you speak on these things? And I see several of my friends including Kenny Burns who? I'm doing an interview with later this afternoon saying. Hey Hey that's reckless asked my brother Isaac as the third also posting. Hey everything they did. He said right. There was completely wrong and I was shocked because everything I heard in everything charlemagne heard and and I see many of you even on my instagram debating. It right now. I agree with every bit of it. It's outrageous I mean if it's a city council person if it's a local mayor if it's if it's a state representative if somebody for Congress we should always require of them that they have an agenda that as much as we can make it is binding that they have some type of binding commitment to our concerns and other people are saying no no no. No No. Don't say that. Don't say that you just need to vote for Joe Biden no matter what. And here's the thing. Black folks are gonNA show up and vote for Joe Biden Black Folk vote almost ninety five percent for the Democratic candidate and black folk will show up. But what we know in Michigan in Wisconsin in a place like Georgia Florida North Carolina and others. Is that if you actually want to win? Black folk have to go all out and we saw that in two thousand and eight and two thousand twelve of course with Barack Obama but black folk while black folks showed up to vote in huge numbers for Hillary Clinton in any place where the turn out was depressed even a little bit in in Milwaukee in Wisconsin or in Michigan. She lost. And it's okay for us to say to Democratic candidates to democratic nominees. And let's be real as I record this. It's still April. Were still in the primary. It's okay in April to say. Hey Joe Biden I wanna make sure you actually have an agenda for US okay. Like that's not an let's be real did he is not making threat. He is saying that we all deserve to have a presidential candidate. That has an agenda that actually represents our needs. Our concerns are our biggest issues and that they have to have a plan. And we wanna see it because what we've seen for most of our lives is presidential candidates who desperately rely on our vote but have no agenda for us have no plans for us. They plan on being generally nice. But we need something more than general nicety like we need people that have an actual policy agenda for the concerns and issues that we have and I'm grateful For diddy who didn't say. Hey I'm not voting for Joe Biden he just said Hey We're at the stage. In American history where the Democratic candidate needs to have a serious agenda for black folk and anybody who looks at this situation says otherwise is ridiculous and I see other people saying. Hey He's saying that from a place of privilege I don't I don't understand that. No He's saying it from a position of authority of somebody who generally doesn't go into making a deal with somebody unless the deal is good for everybody in what we want to understand is HBO. We're GONNA make this deal with you. Not only where you are the Democratic nominee but where we go all out to make sure you win the race. Exactly what are you going to do? And if that's a problem for you saying something like that then we need to have a big conversation like we need to go deeper if saying that much Riles you up. And gets you frustrated? Then you have probably been eating crumbs under the table for so long that you are used to people over promising and under delivering. You're used to not getting anything like the U. S. just the standard and so I see a lot of what I think are just outrageous. Criticisms of what he said I think people understandably so so badly want to defeat Donald trump that they are afraid to even ask Joe Biden for favor and is lying. No no we can do. Both we can defeat Donald Trump and in April still argue that they are some things. Joe Biden needs to do and do differently for him to garner our full support.

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