California man arrested in Colorado suspected of killing girlfriend, her sons


Man suspected of murdering his girlfriend and her two sons in Samper to Dino county has been arrested in Colorado Cindy Bachman with the county sheriff's department tells Kate ex deputies were called to the woman's home in Victorville yesterday morning and there were signs of some type of struggle inside but no one was home call from an off roader who's out in the town of apple valley out in kind of the rule area in the desert and he says that he has discovered the bodies of three individuals that's when deputies intensified their search for Luiz LU Serra who they believed was armed and dangerous deputies in eagle county Colorado call then this afternoon that he was in custody after he allegedly stole the vehicle and was stopped following a pursuit sheriff's officials did not say if deputies had been called to the home previously but they do say lucerna was not the father of the two children who were

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