New York - Amid Pandemic, MTA Takes New Steps to Remove Homeless From Subways

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Under pressure from governor Cuomo the MTA is taking new steps to clean the subways and remove people experiencing homelessness W. NYC Steven Nissen reports the transit agency is changing its rules of conduct so that no one will be allowed to stay on the train once it goes out of service the MTA is also sending the NYPD and social workers to stations to help people find a place to stay interim president of New York City transit Sarah Feinberg our customers should not have to board a car that's been used as a shelter our central workers on the front lines of this pandemic should not have their commutes adding to the stressed adding to their stress during this time the MTA has been disinfecting all trains every seventy two hours in cleaning stations every twenty four hours but says it'll come up with a plan to do even more cleaning at the governor's

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