Democrat Biden faces calls to address sexual-assault allegation


Movement a debate is brewing over whether Joe Biden should respond to a recent allegations of sexual assault terror Reid accused Biden publicly last year of touching her neck and shoulders when she worked in the Senate office that was during the nineteen nineties the last month she changed her story to include a claim of sexual assault Biden's campaign has denied the accusations investigations by major news organizations including CBS news have been inconclusive house speaker Nancy Pelosi came to Biden's defense Thursday just days after formally endorsing his presidential campaign I have complete respect the whole me too movement I have four daughters and one son and there's a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and be listened to there is also due process and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden ugh there's been some statements from his campaign not his campaign but his former employees who ran his offices in the rest that there was never any records I have great comfort level with it is the situation as I see it with all the respect in the world for any woman who comes forward with all the highest regard for Joe Biden CVS and political reporter Caitlin Huey burns has been following this story and joins me now so Caitlyn tell us more about this allegation and efforts to corroborate it that's right will Joe Biden himself we have just learned is supposed to go on MSNBC tomorrow morning to address these allegations and that would be the first time in the thirty or so days since terror Reid brought these allegations forward and Joe Biden will have made a public statement himself so that's significant and that comes as pressure has been building from Democrats for Joe Biden to come out and address this now his campaign has said that this did not happen that this allegation is completely false what we have learned over the past few days and have kind of breathe new life into these allegations our reports showing that a neighbor and a brother of terror Reid have corroborated her account and we've we've seen several questions being raised about her account over the past several weeks and months and she had brought this forward initially when she had talked about the way in which five made her feel uncomfortable she did not talk about any sexual assault that came in a later interview us to there have been questions about those stories but because Biden hasn't addressed this in person publicly by the it has raised a lot of questions and so you can see that the pressure has been building on his campaign to address this and it looks like they will take that step tomorrow to house speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she is quote satisfied with the Biden campaigns response how important is her support in this matter well in the absence of a statement from buying himself it has really fallen to women lawmakers and leaders to come to his defense and so significant blows these comments there but we've also seen that this comes against the backdrop of Biden's starting the process to pick a running mate and remember he said that he will absolutely pick a woman running mates of several of those potential contenders like Kamilla Harris any clover shar Stacey Abrams Gretchen Whitmer and others has been out doing interviews trying to talk about the pandemic that's going on and the national response they've been wanting to be critical of trump's response but at every turn they have to also ask answer these questions about these allegations against Biden and because buying himself hadn't been out there answering questions were being asked them it really falls on to these women and kind of makes this a difficult position for them to be N. as these beef steaks are going on it kind of adds another layer to the bad job description really and so that's one element of this I should know that by now has not had a press conference since April second he has done several media interviews where he has not been asked about these allegations that of course will change tomorrow so I want to ask about another dimension to the story as well given given what we saw during the confirmation process for Supreme Court justice Frank Kavanagh could this situation now for Democrats in a difficult position going into November I think this presents a real challenge for Democrats and that's why you've seen many of them kind of urging at least privately buying to come forward and clear the air a little bit more at least provide some kind of public statement because you are right to mention those Cavanaugh hearings Democrats have made a point to kind of try and claim the moral high ground on the issue of sexual assault and harassment in this era of B. two going back to when senators ousted al Franken over allegations made against him that was kind of a a real first step in this effort by Democrats to be able to kind of clear their own tax and declare themselves the story on on these kinds of things and they really set a bar for themselves and so that's why when we come to allegations like this one it does raise a lot of questions about Democrats especially those who served on the Judiciary Committee during the capitol hearings several of them come on harassing the clover shark to name a few are considered to be a potential running mates for Joe Biden so this also raises an additional layer of scrutiny and questions about that and that's why you've seen this pressure building from Democrats for Joe Biden to address this issue now when we look at the statements coming from some of these women lawmakers and newsmakers responding to this they have said that terror Reid has the right to be heard that she should be heard and that these kinds of allegations should be taken seriously on the other hand they are also vouching for Biden's credentials on this as well his campaign has pointed to the way in which he co authored the reauthorization of the violence against women act it has kind of made his public life about this but again this does raise a lot of challenges for Democrats if they don't address this right now and raises questions about how they can kind of keep this issue going in November so this is one accusation against Joe Biden president trump has faced dozens of accusations from women some may ask is Joe Biden being held to a different standard and if so is it clear why it is important to note that this is just one allegation and there have not been any others that have come forward against Joe Biden said that's an important distinction but I think the reason that you are seeing this pressure applied is because Democrats have set the standard for themselves so you can argue that this is something that Democrats kind of have to reckon with when it comes to people in their own ranks I given the way in which they have really trying to kind of be at the forefront of this issue to lead on the issue of violence against women and kind of establish this moral high ground in the era of me too but it's showing the complications of that this whole dynamic is showing the challenges that could arise in in in ways it can kind of backfire and so that's kind of the dilemma that Democrats are facing now but it's important to note that this is a bar that they set for themselves up early on and something that they have continued to

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