President Trump pardons former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich


The issue is former Illinois governor rod Blagojevich he was freed from prison after he was granted they commuted sends by president trump and yes yes yes yes I know this was not a presidential pardon he was commuted there is a difference pardon means basically you're absolved of all crimes you get to go Scot free that's a pardon whether it's done by a president or or governor etcetera being commuted means it's just changing the type of punishment you still guilty but your charge less for example in again this is not applied to Broadway bridge which is to just to be clear it's like if you were given the death penalty and the president commutes you're sentenced to a life sentence you still guilty is still in prison but the penalty was in essence reduced that was the case for Robert boy **** the former governor of Illinois was serving a fourteen year prison sentence for taking bribes back in two thousand nine to sell the Illinois Senate seat that was vacated by Barack Obama the blood going which is the governor Obama wins the presidency back in two thousand eight Senate seats open the steel line from Scott Walker when he became governor Robert go age it's basically just said Hey this seat is open for business my friends actually he didn't say that you don't he said I have the core here he basically said and I have to believe myself out I've got this thing and it's a bleep in golden ticket after all it is the Chicago way this is how politics is done in Illinois well he was caught and he was caught rabbit my goodness you thought OJ was guilty as sin you thought the evidence was overwhelming there I I I can't think of anything more cut and dry then look away which is guilt no one denies he was guilty but it was sentenced to fourteen years in prison spend behind bars since two thousand eleven until yesterday president trump basically we descends letting go Scot free

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