Pardons Granted by President Donald Trump


But as I pointed out it was a pardon frenzy yesterday that was all the talk all the rage across the national airwaves and of course local airwaves as to president trump and his decision to pardon and or commute sentences for a lot of prominent people in some not so proud and we want your thoughts as well to hear on the phone line seven oh two two five seven five three nine six as we discuss the president and his decision to pardon these die and grant clemency on Tuesday to eleven people who serve prison sentences for crimes in high profile cases ranging from gaming fraud and tax evasion to drug related charges now trump who has a broad clemency powers granted by the constitution we understand this right grand full pardons our full legal forgiveness for a crime to seven people commuted and shorten the sentences of four others now obviously presents seven party people for years and we acknowledge that we understand that and occasionally there's been situations where presidents across the board at pardon people that are controversial right that are you take a look at you said you now I don't necessarily think that was the right thing to do wasn't it I don't understand why you decided pardon this person over it over another and the eight calls into question credibility of the individual but with Donald Trump it it is interesting take a look at the individuals that he has decided to partner can either sense and of course when you talk about high profile maybe nobody more high profile than rob boy it bubble ball go eight H. and this obviously rob luggage was a prominent politician in Illinois for a for a number of years Abbas the governor of Illinois and there is this perception out there of politics in that state and it's not a good one okay it's a it's a it's a reputation that corruption runs wild that it's the wild wild west even though its Illinois in the Midwest and that are you that is you know more so maybe than any other state in the country it has a bad reputation so the fact that the president would decide on robin we'll go live H. to be one of the people pardon I I think is a prize is a lot of people now to give you the details basically rob all I get is it is a formula governor sort of forty eight was serving a fourteen year presents for federal charges that uses powers as governor to extract campaign money and other favors for potential contenders for the Illinois Senate seat that was left open by president Obama when when he be actually took office now troubles previously asserted that but boy that should Democrat who appeared as a guest on the president's program he's not slip your prince was treated very very unfairly there's a there's a running theme here with president trump is it's when when he discusses the reasoning behind these pardons it always is these people around you know these people have suffered these people are you know they're getting railroaded they've been wronged as people at by the way the convicted felons okay this isn't it a pity party for people that are you know serving hard time for crimes a day they had been convicted of committing all right so you've got blue eyes itch you also have obviously high profile a person in Bernard Kerik he's the former police commissioner in New York a lot of this remember him as a really one of the prominent people along with governor jewelery she's the mayor Giuliani in New York City during nine eleven he was the New York City police commissioner who was very lauded for his response the nine eleven attacks rightly so in my opinion apparently but unfortunately for him he was sent to four years in prison after he pleaded guilty to felony charges of tax fraud and lying to White House officials while being interviewed to head the department of homeland security he served three years in federal prison before his release in two thousand thirteen there's also another I'm not a number of other prominent people that have been pardon we talk about Eduardo junior form on the same school forty Niners a lot of people in sports obviously no he is he was fined one million as part of the gambling fraud case in Louisiana like nineties you got Michael Milken a rope funny it's here talked about as the junk bond king pleaded guilty in nineteen ninety to several counts of securities in tax violations an announcement of his pardon the White House described him as one of America's greatest financiers and credit is work fighting prostate cancer I'm you also have our you'll free lawyer he's a founder and chief executive officer ET understands that there's kind of a pattern going on here free learner will you know was the CEO of an Arlington Virginia based software company pleaded guilty in two thousand fourteen serve two months in prison for conspiring to hack into your computer system the two competitors yeah Paul Paul pope who is a the owner of a Texas construction company plead guilty and sense of three years in prison in two thousand ten for filing a false federal tax return and there's there's David survey Safavian Viet Safavian's give me and a I enjoy stand also who has been part enlisting was an author Dr a reality TV star served time in prison for her part in a stolen car ring and I so I don't I guess you would characterize Angela Stanton necessarily as a white collar criminal but does she is now a trump supporter advocate for criminal justice reform and the goddaughter of Martin Luther king junior's politically conservative niece L. B. two K. and she spoke also at the two thousand eighteen women for trump conference and frankly post pro trump messages or Twitter account so there is a there's kind of running pattern here when it comes to these Florio pardons that the president has decided to engage and the funny thing would be white collar crime for the most part right and criminals who have been convicted of crimes obviously nonviolent crimes they are not talking about you know serial rapist here not talking about mass murderers by any stretch but there is a there's kind of a running theme here as JT shop judges your lives to and I don't think I'm online G. by pointing this out that well it is very very it's very intriguing to say the least right that the president of the United States is decided to pardon these types of individuals in any of these individuals spend time in el Chapo cell in NC si I would suspect not I think that does want one of those the the person you're talking about I'm to my glove not is getting a raw deal on that with that situation six does not at least I don't I don't expect they did have to deal with that with with that type of

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