Sonic the Hedgehog


Heart and my soul you. Seated Avenue brings up board said nightstand. I've got something they want. But it's good morning my rural chums. Welcome to now planes review of Sonic. The hedgehog took nine million steps today. Part of now playing video game movie review series. I was expecting. I expecting not to expect something. So it doesn't cap hosted by already dishonest. Cute let Ed Stewart keeps me no way. This podcast may contain detail plot. Spoilers and mild language. No this is not some fun family road trip listener discretion is advised here. We go some of things today. We're discussing sonic the hedgehog starring James Marston Ben Schwartz Tika sumpter Jim Carey directed by Jeff. Fowler this is Arnie now plant goes to those who is national treasure and Stewart. And you know there's never been a better time to get down to olive garden for the never ending stuff pasta starting at eleven ninety nine guys. This is Justin. I'm well aware my mom and I dined there quite often. I was very envious of that fifty dollars Gift Card. Only government would would provide that for me well. Somebody had to pay for the SONIC REDESIGNED PRODUCT. Placement and welcome. We're back at the now playing arcade you know. We're kind of going in order of game release but here we're jumping around a little bit mainly because sonic the hedgehog. The game came out ninety one but the movie came out now. Yeah and if we're not covering my favorite video game movie of all time we'd be at least reached. My favorite video game probably. I can't think when I enjoyed more..

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