Review R.L. Stine's Broken Hearts

Teen Creeps


Today we are discussing are all signs broken hearts. I believe a super ill the hash. Our streets super chiller makes sense because it's more violent. Yeah Dot Ori Violent and more stuff happens like it's longer a little longer so I'll just go ahead and read the back of the book please. The additional tagline is roses are red corpses are blue on Valentine's Day. You'll die to those really good. Yeah it's pretty good one not too bad. There's someone out there. Someone who kills on Valentine's Day Josie and Melissa are scared especially when they received threatening Valentine's then the murders begin who's sending these horrible Valentine's to the Girls Shady side high and who will be the next to die that's not alive but very misleading. Yes oud very misleading need. It was funny because I was lit early. Just looking up horseback riding really her myself. Yeah 'cause I was like I want to start riding horses. I've done it a little bit in my past and I wanted to do more Frequently like weekly. Maybe oh cool and I wanted to like become like a horse girl and then I it opens a horse accident and I was like Signed from but I might just do it anyway Yeah but I mean. This is a pretty specific. I mean what am I not GonNa Fall in love? People do that in this book to. What am I not going to celebrate? Valentine's Day eating ring also like the date people outside their circle very much. It is a bad idea to stay. In this particular circle it is a toxic. Yeah Poison Yeah Circle. Can I see your Weird Weird Buck? Kelly got one of those like re prints I likes. It is still all the same saizen font though. That's fun and it is a better. It's a much higher quality reprints up that cover Yeah I remember that horrible cheerleader saga. When I got it was like it. It looked so fucking grainy and yeah yeah rid of it. You didn't actually think I sent it to a listener. This book was interesting. I guess it was. It did not follow any tropes outside of bunch of red herring boys right but what was happening was not typical of these books. No and I'm GonNa tell you something I'm going to be real yup. Did I read this book on a plane? Yes So all you. That's where you live. Here's the thing I live on planes. Now yes if you guys don't know I'm doing that show Super Punch on. Tbs which is on Friday nights TBS is located in Atlanta to be s. Very funny very funny Turner Turner sports which is in Atlanta. That means I have to fly back and forth from Atlanta every week. That's fucking crazy. So I'm on planes a lot. Now and congratulations to you. That's crazy. Yeah y'all tune in if you want to it's twitch it's like an hour on twitch and our on TBS in an hour on twitch and It starts at eleven PM Eastern. So that's eight PM AFFEC- I think Pacific and Monday through Thursdays we have Sorry so L H is playing okay so she has this fish toy. It's a very cute. It's cute she grooms and like it's her baby. She has this Little Fish. H It has kind of inside if occurred. She likes to groom. It plays for acute shoe sweet girl And Monday through Thursdays Is going to be on twitch if he way is hosting and I will be on those every once in a while so I will tweet about it. You should he posted. Its refund. Show It's about video games as variety. We do a lot of crazy things you know like it's just you know people having fun so check it out and this is pop culture gaming show. Yeah Yeah So. I'm really excited about that. So please tune in it would be nice to see some like representation of people that like like me in the chat like you know. You never know what's going to happen and we do see twitch chat still. I believe even on TBS so get not chat room. Let's get some via positive force for good. Yeah please because like you know either twitch China in the world yeah you know what the Internet is like. You know s nightmare. I used to love seeing y'all in my in my stream when I was doing solo stream. So it's GonNa be great to hopefully see you when when I'm doing the show So right on a plane. Read it on the plane and I WANNA say this isn't me sad Thirty pages left did not know who did it. And I and I sat there and thought about and I was like. Hey Erica. Know 'cause there were a couple of moments where we were in Erica's head and one that I still think is a little misleading. But it was never ally. This was not a fear street. Saga okay but it was like it was a Erica. Looks at Luke and wondered. Could he have set sent his her sister that horrible. Valentine Bitch. If you're thinking about killing your sister wiry so like a gas about the Valentine there was another instance where Rachel was like. I Hate Josie. I hate her and Eric was like. You shouldn't hate Rachel. That was like yeah. Um She's playing. She's but like technically you have lying to us now. Like if you're if you're a hateful awful person you can still say to Rachel Rachel. You shouldn't hate people. Meanwhile you're like I'm GonNa go stab that

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