Facing Fear (Part 2) - Awakening Your Fearless Heart

Tara Brach


Now in our last talk on this? I gave two weeks ago. We covered. What happens when we'RE CAUGHT? In fear that our perceptions are sick the lens narrows and we fixate on threat and to some degree depending how much is going on. We go into fight flight freeze. And so there's cortisol and other stress hormones going and our muscles pyden and are the body extremities get fired up and the digestion goes you know kind of halts and our thoughts are circling around what we're anxious about. That creates more anxiety in our body and our brain because our limbic system activated the frontal cortex is deactivated which means less access to executive functioning to mindfulness to kindness empathy. And we know that when we're all worried we're not our hearts not wide open. We're not feeling tender about others or the world so this is for many again. It's a matter of degree kind of habitual state and it's a trance contracted agitated state. We don't have access to our whole being and it's often described as the body of fear. Fear Body and the fundamental feature of it. Is that our sense of self has narrowed into being fearful self? We're no longer in touch with a sense of awareness or spirit or hard or any any of that vast mystery of what we are. We are a fearful self on our way into trouble so the first step of awakening from this transom. This is really what we're looking at in. This class is to recognize okay body of fear. Trans caught in something. And we start sentence the body and it's tension we start feeling the squeeze and we might notice and take a little time with this there couple major domains that we get caught him when we're tensing against the future and one of the big ones that many of us is a fear of failure that what's coming up. I'M GONNA FAIL. I'm not gonNA perform well and then they'll be consequences all be rejected so we each have our version of how we're GONNA fall short but it matters a whole lot to us because falling short means we get kind of pushed out of the tribe so to speak so a while ago a cartoon these two sharks and conversation and one to the other. The pressure to be great is too much. I'd rather be known as the just okay White Shark so conversation about this fear of failure with a friend last week and she said all my life. I have been trying to figure out what my deepest fear was and I've just toggle between is it the fear of being bad you know being a failure. Ours is the fear of loneliness being separate and we started talking about that and she said she would play it out say well what if. I was just really bad but I wasn't lonely are what if I was like completely lonely but I wasn't bad and she realized when she really sorted out that the worst twists fear of separation that it was the isolation but usually they came together because when she felt bad she felt cut off but I think it's really powerful to realize. How much are sensitive? Not Okay goes hand in hand with them working to be cut off and removed from any real connection with others so this fear failure and then there's the fear of missing out foam. Oh which many of us really know close in daily of not getting something we want where fear of not getting that connection with another person fear of not having something workout financially or a chance to impress or gain influence or have an adventure have another experience that matters so grasp after gratification and it and it goes to spiritual realms to the sphere missing out. I noticed people. Retreats will be sharing experiences. And there's a few like God that person was sitting all blissful and dissolved into Rainbow Light and I've just been like dealing with my neurosis and so it's like in spiritual life to fear of missing out. I I remember longtime ago. Actually one of my father's favorite stories of two men who their friends that have these spiritual conversations about what was possible. And really they believed in the afterlife and they were really fascinated with what they would be able to experience and they made an agreement as they got older that Horford died. I wouldn't some way send a message about what it was like. What was the experience? And so one of them died and took some months but the other one start having seances and so on and finally he heard his voice and he confirmed it was San many said. So what's it like? What's the afterlife? Like and his friend said well we we? We have sex and we sleep then we eat and we have sacked so many sleep then goes over nervous and expensive. Wow so that's what happens like heaven I'm not having a Moose in Wyoming. I don't know what you believe. That's one version of reincarnation so a fear of missing out and then our deepest fear really and this is the fundamental the loss of our life. And that's the sense of living with the uncertainty and fragility of our own existence. And we each have that. It's again rigged into our nervous system. And so while we might be fixated on a particular thing if we scrape beneath the surface will find that there's fear and often at set deep fragility of you know how to preserve me the existences self. So the path to waking up from tramps is to get it okay in the transit fear. That's the beginning of waking up just to know what's happening and once we identify it then there's enough presence to pause and deepen attention and this is where we're going now. How do we deepen attention? So we've noticed it. Okay I'm caught. I'm shrunk again I'm fixated. I'm spinning and strangling worries. Okay now what but if we noticed that we can pause now in Asian artwork and this is also the gateways of temples and the dollars and so on a lot of the way it's a -pected the spiritual transformation is depicted is with these animal headed deities these very aggressive and fearful and rage looking gods and goddesses and that the only way you can to the center of the Manala are into the temple gates is to go through a passageway through these Rachel Scary Deities and the message in that and the message that we get really in the wives teachings of all cultures are to wake up from the transit fear. We actually have to go through the fear and s awake away as possible.

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