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I'm Terry Alden or an appeal


By death toll here in New York approaches three thousand highest single increase in the number of deaths since we started governor Andrew Cuomo gave the National Guard authority to commandeer ventilators and other critical supplies as the state marches toward the apex of coronavirus infections I don't believe the federal stockpile has enough to help all the states here in New York City the mayor called for three thousand more ventilators to get through next week Erin cutters he ABC news New York the CDC is now recommending Americans wear face coverings when they're outside citing studies which show doing so could prevent a symptomatic people from spreading the virus president trump says it is voluntary and that he won't use one California governor Gavin Newsom says a number of critical cases in his status jump more than ten percent since yesterday and says that his state can't count on ventilators coming from the national stockpile the national stockpile will be insufficient to provide the ventilators that will need and the ventilators that would be needed for the rest of the country and so that's why we're not relying on the national stock popped the Pentagon is moving an additional five million N. ninety five masks from its strategic stockpile to the department of health and Human Services to distribute is needed

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I'm Terry Alden or an appeal

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