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And weather together at eight


Virus while mayor Lyda Krewson says the city is not there it's possible he and Alexis Marie kena has detailed person says she's already working with the corps of engineers that is contingency planning that is looking at the projections and thinking that it is possible that we will get to a point where we have so many cases that are our hospitals are regular hospitals cannot handle all of those cases and so yes we are doing contingency planning and Christians at several locations are being looked at in conjunction with the state hospitals and the corps of engineers gruesome points to New York and Chicago as well as other large metropolitan cities needing additional care facilities she adds St Louis area hospitals are able to handle the caseload right now but she's concerned that could change in St Louis Maria kena St Louis's newsradio camelback since yesterday afternoon through this morning two people have been killed five others shot or stabbed in St Louis until yesterday mayor Lyda Krewson says it's possible the pandemic slowed crime the city was two or three homicides lower than last year despite

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And weather together at eight

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This is Saint louis' news radio and this is over time

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