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With other viruses other corona viruses like sars


So the researchers they announced their findings yesterday and the hope that this vaccine could be rolled out as fast as possible to quote significantly impact the spread of the disease but still it's not next week folks it's not next month it's not in six months it's still a little down the road here so here's the deal and I mentioned that this particular research and the vaccine that they think they have here it's not your typical inoculation subcutaneous needle that you know gets or or intramuscular a needle that gets you're jammed into your into your skin what they have here it's delivered I don't think I've ever had one of these but the vaccine they say would be delivered on a finger tip sized patch and what was tested on animals the patch the vaccine through the patch produce enough antibodies which they think would be successful in counteracting the corona virus this novel coronavirus recorded nineteen and they say that they were able to act fast because they already had done some similar research with this patch and inoculations with other viruses other corona viruses like sars and the middle eastern respiratory syndrome which is murders which came from camels believe or not here's a quote these two viruses which are closely related to sars C. O. V. dash two teachers that a particular protein called a spike protein is important for inducing immunity against the virus this is a statement from the coast senior author Andrea Gambardella old medical doctor associate professor of surgery at the Pittsburgh school of medicine Hey we knew exactly where to fight this new virus is what she said and the virus also it falls in line with how they approach usual ordinary typical flu vaccines using a lab made pieces of viral protein to van build immunity whether the mice so the animals that have been tested here they have not been studied over a long period of time the vaccine was able to deliver another antibodies against the corona virus within two weeks to be effective in at least the laboratory mice and now these university professors this pit school of medicine team they are now applying for an investigational new drug approval from the FDA hopefully that will be fast tracked and they want to start human clinical trials within the next few months so from the mice the animals to human clinical trials here and what we're hearing in this is what's interesting why did the researchers decide to use a patch instead of something subcutaneous or intramuscular as far as a typical needle injection they say that it's because they can deliver the spike protein to the scam and when you do the spike protein to the skin that that elicits the strongest immune reaction there are four hundred little tiny microneedles on the patch made of sugar and protein pieces it's applied like a bandaid dissolving into the scam and they say that this vaccine the patch would be highly scalable for widespread use and release so there is some positive news here folks on the horizon is

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With other viruses other corona viruses like sars

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