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You guys. This is such a treat his. You'll know our all star. Washer hot a leak you know. He's like with us from the beginning. Right you guys know that. He's like contributing op ED writer. He's a CNN commentator. It's a big deal to have him calling us from his car. So welcome wash minivan respect and the Dad Boston okay. Here's the amazing thing dear listener. We are joined by his wife. She's a brilliant physician. Her name is Dr Sarah. She's a physician at Georgetown Family Medicine. And Hey you're married to watch you've done this for a while you're the euro. Welcome to the doctor. I thank you so much for having me and I'm calling from the cars. Yes so watches in the fan in our driveway. And I'm in the car in the driveway and they're watching the children from six feet away. This is about as social distancing as you can get this is the most socially responsible podcast in the world amazing amazing and I just love. What was just told me that he wants to do which is to wrap me up in bubble wrap so that. I stay healthy. Thank God I am healthy. In fact I just tweeted out today. I was just like how I'm going to be grateful for having a roof over my head husband. Who LOVES ME? My kids at home. home job. So we're GONNA start podcast on a note of gratitude and I'm just so thankful that was and Sarah are joining. Hulu me because this is a big deal. It's our first time to have a married couple. It's also our first time living through a pandemic so here we are. We're surviving there are now over three hundred thousand cases worldwide with over thirty five thousand Kovic in nineteen cases in the United States making this the country with the third most cases after China and Italy. We're actually just eleven days behind Italy in terms of trajectory. So keep that in. Mind as you guys know. It's putting such a strain on our healthcare system The CDC is telling healthcare workers to improvise when they have a shortage of masks. What we have several states multiple states that have you know basically placed some form of shelter in place or lockdown protocol. I have to say I'm surprised that not all fifty have done it so Sunday night. The president of the United States his name is president trump. You know he said this and it was really it was really It was a moment because he said that the National Guard is going to be deployed to New York California and Washington State. That made a lot of people of color really uncomfortable. Yeah and then also on Tuesday the Prime Minister of Japan. Avi Shinzo he said. The International Olympic Committee will postpone the Summer Olympics. They were supposed to be held in Tokyo this summer. Now they'll take place no later than summer of twenty twenty one so I just want to back up for a moment to understand. And we're we're laughing through this because we're we're releasing and because we're with people care about right now on this past but Every single day it's just like Oh my God. No joke like no joke. How serious diseases and why? We should have taken these measures back in February but Sarah Update us. What what we've learned so far about cove in nineteen you know. I just have to agree with you. I've just say we are already weeks late and doing everything. Normally when you're late to do things it's like. Oh the toll measured in something. That might not be that relevant right now. The the tragedies toes measured in lives loss. So every day that there's a misstep or delay it's going to be measured and more lives lost absolutely horrifying so where we're at right now. I mean at least in the US like you said we actually don't even know the two cases. Those are reported cases when you don't know the real official number because we've been under testing and we haven't been testing and we haven't been tracing and just like the World Health Organization said it took a think about sixty seventy s from the first reported case to reach the first one hundred thousand cases and then after that it took just eleven to reach the second one hundred thousand cases and then just four days to reach a third one hundred thousand cases so this is a horrible buyers exponentially affecting people all over. So this is scary and we are not overreacting or under reacting and as public health professionals. We always say if we do our job right then. People will say that we overreacted. And that's okay because then that means we're all okay but unfortunately that's not the case right now so sir one of the things that we did for this show because we have a real community of people who listen to us right so we're familiar even though we're not touching each other the ask our our listeners to send questions and one of our listeners on twitter reverberate wire asked if it is spreading through for example gas pumps and how long it lasts on surfaces. I mean sometimes when you're seeing this information it's its terrifying how long the virus can last on different surfaces. What do we know is is fact about this question? So we're always finding out new information. This is a new virus. Things are always changing but what we know as of now is it's highly effective so are not is the rate of infectivity of any virus and if it's greater than one then that means the virus is going to keep spreading and if it's less than one that means you're gonNA see decrease in number infections And when it's greater than one what that means is so far the SARS coronavirus two are not is. It's around three so for every one person infected you're likely in fact three other people And this is without without social distancing and all those measures so one of the reasons it's so infectious again. The flu is like one one point five so this is almost doubled infectivity rate of the flu. 'em Is because it does last on surfaces right now. What we're finding is akin lost on cardboard boxes or paper for anywhere up to twenty four hours and it can last on plastic or steel for two three days. Whoa WHOA Yikes. Yeah I want to say based on what I've been reading. The literature shows that that's not the highest rate of transmission can get transmitted that way but the highest rate is droplets through a person to person contact. And there's a small number fecal oral also ooh K. All right good to

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