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I wasn't helpful at all every time I go into a grocery store. I just think about that scene when they're in the grocery store and it's like the one moment it's like the reprieve. Ofcom and everything goes to so I don't know but you know I'm a big reader and I've been reading severance filing mob which I had not read before. And it's it's similar it takes it starts in New York City and it's about fever that In billups and encompasses the whole city and about the few survivors. That are left after and kind of how they pick up the pieces but the thing that's interesting about the fever is that it actually makes people really nostalgic and so they get really caught in their own memories and that's what causes them to become unwell like they can't think for themselves anymore. They're trapped in the past and so it's just a really interesting metaphor for. I don't know what yet 'cause I'm only like a third of the way in but the story that's unfolding is really beautiful. And I'm I'm actually enjoying that so I don't know is a pandemic book but it feels like it's a bow something much richer and relevant right now but it has to do with change and accepting new net and not being About being a little bit more wear of the habits that don't service and that feels very appropriate right now. So it's that's actually comforting. Yeah we're talking with Wesley Morris. General WORTH THEM FROM THE NEW York Times. The host of the podcast still processing to ask you about culture. You both right about culture and you cover it on your podcast but in this bizarre place now where shared culture is gone. Movie Theaters Plays Live Music. Stand up comedy. So how much do you? How do you figure out what shared culture means? And how you can talk about something. That can't be shared anymore. I mean obviously can watch stuff on Netflix or something like that. But how much of your own identity and your own awareness of what's going on the in the world is informed by being with other people as you're experiencing something culturally We'll start you know I've been thinking a lot about. What do I really like about people in the last couple of weeks look good? I really like about humanity. People and I was about to say like I love being in the museum like watching looking at paintings with other people around me alley that I like it. I think people out of my way. I don't want you walking in front of me will. I'm trying to trying to try and figure out what this piece is about. Oh I don't want to over here. You Be Dosen when you really don't know what you're talking about. I don't miss that but what I'd do. This is the energy of being in spaces with people regardless of whether or not they're getting on my last nerve. I don't love people but I love humanity and there is something really comforting a bow collective experience and having immediately. You're not even verifying. You're you're part of the collective experiences you know it's happening even when you aren't on board with you know I mean it's rare at a concert. Do not like something that I mean. It's rare for me as non-professional Concert Goer to be at a concert and not really enjoy myself but to be a movie that isn't working and in an audience that is really with it. I don't care like I'm with. I'm with the experience of these people are having even though I am on the other side of that that feeling and one of the things genera thinking about in terms of the way. We're thinking about like how we're GONNA make these episodes coming up is how to not replicate that experience. Because that's impossible. But how Jenna and I can be a conduit between the art and the many many people who are experiencing it separately how to bring us all together just through the two of US having a conversation about some of it. What would you add to that? Especially in terms of how technology might be part of the solution. There is something about this moment. That really is pushing you to go deeper and be more vulnerable and be more open because if you're not then all you're really doing is recycling worry and anxiety and fear and so it's interesting to think about the role that technology does plan and of course there's there's so much of modern life is being shifted to digital spaces but there's also so much of that happening. It's easy to get overwhelmed by that too. And I think there's a little bit of my God I had a term for it instead of foam. Oh it's like fear of not making the most of this time and I worry that that's coming up to that people feel as though you know we have all this extra time in their all these yoga classes online and they're all these virtual raves and dance parties. Like I should be doing all these things. But I think it's also cater remember that we're we're experiencing a a level of trauma on a global scale. That is really unprecedented in. It's also very okay to just be with that too. You don't have to do anything. Even though technology is making it extraordinarily possible to do more things from our computers that we even thought possible. Jenna worth them and Wesley Morris or culture writers at the New York Times. They're the host of the podcast still processing. They'll be back after this short break. You're listening to the frame. Stay with us. Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn I'm talking with a host of the podcast still processing New York Times writers. Jenna worth him and Wesley. Morris they have a new episode out today titled Pod for both our houses a new season for a new time. I think the the the amazing thing about this virus is I mean if you are one of the lucky people who hasn't been directly touched by having it or like having a family member or a or a loved one Touched by it Or you know someone who like infected by it. In in the case of the sick it is not like other disasters right We there is a degree to which we are having an experience that you can't quite have a hurricane earthquake You know nuclear incident if not that we necessarily have agreed deal of recent experience with with how awful that can be but are physical infrastructure intact and the threat. We are we. There were basically the threat to ourselves and so I think there's something really just moving about the connections. We all are able to make to each other. Because we're we're what is upon us is is in some ways preventable and we're still undergoing sort of psychological experience of going through a trauma and being able to talk to and communicate with physically see Virtue of the By virtue of technology is really really. I don't know it's it's a kind of natural disaster experience that we've never had before and I think I'm really curious to see who we are on the other side of it. Given how connected is keeping us to each other. Well let me ask this last question which is a follow up to that. I think when we come out of that. There's probably a very slim chance that the Walt Disney Company is going to say you know what? Let's stop the avengers and marvel movies and Star Wars. Let's make movies about real people and stories that matter that ain't GonNa Happen? But if this is a moment for a reset a cultural and artistic reset where institutions both large and small artists. Who are working alone or in front of fifty thousand people can say. I'm changing my priorities. What do you hope that might be? What sorts of things that you would like to see reset after all of this passes. Well I don't know I think you stole my answer. I mean I do think because I wonder if this is not really about the way the movies work right now right like I'm not going to be another person. Who laments the WHO all who decries this sort of prominence in proliferation of what we call Superhero movies? But I do want to. I would love it if if what happens at the other side of this is more low stakes movies about human beings. I'm very here for the people listening. Who Want to argue that? That's what the vendors is about like. I hear that I hear you. I hear you but I also would like to see what you know Steve. Rogers is doing on his downtime and know I think it. I think that there is a type of movie that we you know. We we make few reviewer of now we virtually remake virtually not at all And I wonder if if I mean it's really gonNA come down to what the audiences for it but I think that the the whether that migrates back from streaming into movie theaters is GonNa be interesting question and I wonder whether I wonder how much we are GonNa Hunger for. Lake in really really hunger for live live culture. I mean are we going to? Are we gonNA flood restaurants immediately? Are we GONNA GO BRIN BACK MUSEUMS? Or WE'RE GONNA buy every book on the on. The story of our recently opened bookshelves. I don't know but I definitely know that. I'm going to be excited to get back into the world and and reconnect with strangers around. Jena what about you? I love that answer. I mean they've also yeah. People are going to be like torquing their asses off. Just kidding you re speech is going to be poppin like yes. Everyone is going to be like from corona like. Hopefully we will be but I'm just like yeah like New York especially new. York is going off the rails happened in la too. I mean I think everybody is eager to be on the other side of this. Whenever that arrives Wesley Morris in Genoa worth him right about culture at the New York Times. They host the podcast. Still Processing Wesleyan Jenna. Thanks so much for coming on the show stay safe. Stay healthy and I can't wait to hear what the seasons got in store for us. Thank you John. Thank you for having us. That's the frame for today but a quick note before we go. Your financial support is vital to our ability to provide you with coverage of the Corona Virus Pandemic. So donate now. Kpcc and help us reach our spring member. Dr Goal if you have the means to support. Kpcc at a higher level of giving please consider joining the KPCC leadership circle that our nation of fifteen hundred dollars or more. But how much you can afford. We really appreciate it so please give a KPCC DOT ORG and thanks. I'm John Horn. Call up somebody you care about. Stay well we'll be back here tomorrow at the Broadcast Center..

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