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Something here now I am in New York we had governor Cuomo while we had a pretty pleasant


Pennsylvania is thriving literally there take in new York's gas and I don't blame them they are smart New York is dumb but he's out there every single day now much new York takes in a year no they're all funds received is a hundred and seventy eight point three billion dollars that's what they take in every year now this is a state that has a ten percent state income tax Florida zero Texas zero who has better infrastructure Texas Florida New York well Texas in Florida New York infrastructure is a disaster then when you dig a little bit deeper and you see what they actually spend this money on it is despicable what the president I'm sorry what the governor told

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Something here now I am in New York we had governor Cuomo while we had a pretty pleasant

Sean Hannity 2 months ago

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Stocks are inventing as investors focused on signs of economic recovery amid further tension with China

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Is the warmer the weather the lower the numbers seem to be as an example Florida which is the

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You know they gave come up with the cost analysis data analysis as a result of all this

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Run his office in B. as governor to the people of New York

Jim Bohannon 6 d ago

You know yesterday told you this study the guy from Duke and Stanford and all these experts talking about you know

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Mark ups I've seen fascinate

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Now are you gonna remember here all these other states red states most of them

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