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"The Way Back" Actor: Will Ropp


Next guest performance as Kenny Dawes number. Eleven in the way back directed by Gavin O'Connor and starring Ben Affleck is easily one of my favorites of twenty twenty. Please welcome the very talented will. Rob will thanks so much for coming on the show today. Aloe thank you for having me. I am so I am like your performance moving beyond belief. I'M GONNA get there but I think you have a story before this movie because you certainly have an interesting life. I mean I've I read where you were born in Connecticut. You know I wanNA see right up until sixteen. I live near. I live in Massachusetts so obviously were bordering Connecticut. What part of Connecticut? Where did you grow up in Connecticut? I grew up in Gary and so I I was there until I was about Sixteen and then. I went to boarding school in Florida. Okay and how did you like Connecticut for the time you were there? It was good it was you know I I I had some great friends there and I I really focused on baseball. Growing up like baseball was kind of being on baseball and feeder. Like you're always Kinda. Took the background baseball. Baas barring up And it was kind of once. I went to Boarding School in Florida that I realized that like Florida Day Falls Different Than Connecticut. Baseball and slowly realised that me Mike. Utah's knock knock out the way I wanted it to. And so that was a blessing in disguise and kind of put Peter in the forefront In the front seat and Yeah from there and went to the University of Michigan. Yeah no but Connecticut was great. I love it actually. Many friends Aaron I try to do that is often if possible. Newhaven new haven is the king the King City for Pizza. I think in the United States I mean Yes oh my God. It's phenomenal but that's neither here nor there. But I have to say so the school you. You're talking about in Jacksonville Florida. I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly. Was it called bowls correct yet. And that's where you kind of I mean you you have teacher want hope. I have this right. Move a teacher named LAURA REPELS. We'll have that incorrect. Yeah ripple rickel ripple and she really kind of says you know what this kid can act and she's not saying she's not saying it's huge like make you feel better or give you something to do in your off time. She's saying like you could make a living doing this. You're this you're that good so that had to mean a lot to you and just talk a little bit about that moment in your life if you will I mean I mean we're riffle She's my probably the first person that told me. Yeah just I bet I could I after genuinely like do you think I could do this as a profession and she gave me a genuine answering said yet And so I I always respected for that and always will and and we did so many shows together in In high school and she just kind of. I think you know like I was saying that. Baseball is a different level in Florida feeders. Also different level in Florida. It's the congress I think. Cheater get more funding in the North East so When I was in Connecticut I was used to these huge production. The knees you know a a you know a ton of talent department and then I went to Florida and it was kind of like it was it was more. It's just a little less funded. You know black people interested in it More people are interested in sports. Obviously so Paul Basketball Baseball and And so I kind of kind of woke me up and I was like oh I didn't know that not every school puts on fantastic productions and so in a way kind of opened my eyes little to To what you know where I kind of fat in the in the pecking order talent wise or whatever and from there she she kind of got me ready for all my college Acting Auditions I. I applied to be a A. Bfa activator in school. And in order to do that you have to Prepare a bunch of monologues. And it's a it's a tree rear s Solution that you have to go through. And she she got me ready for that and she kind of was was one of my main mentors and encourages That that ultimately got me in Michigan and Michigan ultimately got me where 'em how was your time at Michigan. I feel like reading about your amazing. Yeah greeting about your life. Will there was a couple of interviews where there was mentioned of adversity and tough times? Did you experience a lot of that growing up my mother when I was Thirteen yes. That was probably you know. The trouble is the biggest adversity And you know I am one of five children. So you know my siblings. They was on the second oldest. So when something like that happens. It's tough on a fairway and it's tough on you know my father and So you know kind of siblings at the for each other and you know Kinda rallies through it and And Yeah I think we cannot be other end Eventually you know. Will you know will never stop? The grieving is a process. That never stops so. I think that'll continue. You know continue happening but Yeah I think that's probably my biggest adversity that's happened so far It was tough and I have to believe she would be so proud of of what you've become the man you've become. I mean my God. Yeah your family in itself. I mean I think your mom is well I mean they were all musicians right. Will I mean these? These are talented people that you've Kinda grew up round. Do I have that part right? Yeah well Line Graham Law Louise. She caught a choir stuff prior like thirty years or forty years and in and she still sings in her church choir. You know she plays piano and then my dad. When factum monthly clarinet I played trombone. Kind of a little bit of a band merged throwing up played trombone in jazz band and concert band. I was in court as well And then my sister played the violin. Really well my little brother is a is a singer. Songwriter My sister Susie. She's a college Lacrosse player. But before that she played the base for a little bit very little known fact about people don't notice days for a little bit and then Yeah and then my little if fister Lena we're not sure what instruments you gotta play after a police say man. I you know a lot of times when I prepare for interviews. I like to watch other that. An actor director cinematographer has done and one thing that really impressed me about you and I loved it. A lot of actors will kind of try to put themselves over I. I can't remember the interview but it was. It was about twenty seven minutes. You're with two other cast mates. I think Charles was one the other one was. And you put them over like you were like. Hey what do you think or they were like. You never made it about you. You always made it about them. And it's so I mean I could tell you mentioned family earlier. That's just such a family kind of thing to do in such a classy thing to do you. Were putting them over before you. Kinda of were putting yourself over. I thought that was a really selfless thing and I don't. I don't see that often. I have to tell you.

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"The Way Back" Actor: Will Ropp

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