What to Eat to Manage Anxiety


Today? We want to start the show by reading a couple of statements from Dr Mark Kinds new book. It's called food. What the Heck should I cook? You may have heard of his other book food. What the heck should I eat now? He has one about cooking before we do that. I'll just quickly introduce myself and our topic. My name is Kara carper. I'm a licensed nutritionist. And I have a master's degree in holistic health and I'm a certified nutrition specialist. Today's topic is what to eat to manage anxiety. I know this topic very well. If anyone knows me you may know that I have struggled with anxiety but also it's because every day I work to practice what I'm eating to manage anxiety since the corona virus outbreak. It seems that nearly everyone's anxiety level is off the charts absolutely. It almost feels like our world has been turned upside down while it sort of has and people who are anxious before are now are there now. Highly anxious I would say. They're even scared definitely scared. I think there's a lot of fear worry and anxiety coin on and today we want to share some food and nutrition habits that will support your nervous system in your brain function. And we're also going to talk about some foods that might be interfering with calming your nervous system and your brain function so we have a lot of work cut out for us today and I would also I also want to introduce my wonderful co host. And we'll go ahead and get started. Caroline Hudson is with me. She's a registered and licensed Dietitian. She's a many years of experience working with clients of all ages and a variety of health issues. While good morning everyone you know. Also since the corona virus outbreak more and more people are concerned about trying to maintain a very strong immune system in Dr Mark. Hyman new book food. What the heck should I cook he wrote? Science confirms that Poor Diet can create poverty violence and social injustice due to its effect on behavior. Isn't that interesting? That's very interesting. I don't think a lot of people think of food in that way as as having any influence on those aspects right behavior so it is clear that each of us has a different immune system and our daily food. Choices are a key factor in maintaining a strong immune function boyd. We ever need this information today. Don't we so? There are several possible reasons for having a lower functioning immune system so some of those reasons may be ongoing stress or eating a poor diet. Obesity lack of sleep. Oh I don't know about you but I've been a little bit struggling with sleep or lack of physical activity. All gyms are close so we gotta get out there and do some do some good activities. Right don't walking at least so or not eating sufficient amounts of protein. What we're trying to say is to have a strong immune system you need to address all of these aspects of your health. Your immune function is so much more than just taking a little extra vitamin C. Isn't that true? I mean if you're not sleeping and you're eating poorly you're highly stressed and not able to exercise or you have to hear your gym clothes and you haven't figured out another routine taking vitamin C. Is kind of. It's kind of pointless you kind of you can't supplement your way out of a guy and lifestyle right. Yeah I think one of Dr Hammond's most powerful in meaningful statements in his book was what we put on our fork at every meal either has the power to transform our health and the economy reverse climate change and environmental damage and help reduce poverty violence social injustice and more and you know really the caroline again. That's a new thought. But how we how we eat really affects our brain chemistry our moods or behaviors and just kind of how we go about our life. Yeah I'd like put at what we put on our full. Yeah right right really should be thinking about at every single time. You put your phone to something. Am I helping? My Body is supporting my body. And my brain hurting it

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